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on 08/11/2012
I've had a problem with acne since i was 11 n i am now 18. I'd do anything to have clear skin. I've tried many products and my skin just didn't mix with it. I tried the refining mask and instantly loved it. I automatically noticed results. It reduced my pimple size greatly and continues to each day. When i run my fingers across my face, i can't really feel bumps because they are now skin deep. Although, you can still see redness. I hope to continue with such great results. About the cons, it smells weird but who cares? It works. I sleep with it on anyways. I'd rather deal with a weird scent that i know is GOING to work. It can be pricey but amazon and ebay can fix that. It can dry your skin, but i use lotion or a moisturizer anyways. I also tend to get too happy with it and use too much at a time. You really do not need a lot i am just paranoid. Lol. Also, i use it overnight. I dont see how leaving it on for 10 minutes can help, weird. I suggest overnight. Another thing, is i never have trouble getting it off. I shower in the morning mostly, but even when i don't i just use a washcloth and gently wipe it off then wash my face and body. Then i use the proactiv wash. But, anyways i cannot see why someone wouldn't try this. Don't just use it for a day, use it for a week and see if you notice results. I couldn't imagine life without it now. My skin is the best it's been. I someday hope to not need cover up. That is my goal. I'm gonna keep it up! Please use it! It's amazing!