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on 14/05/2013
Miracle pill. I had really bad acne when I went to visit the dermatologist. She prescribed accutane, it cleared my skin so fast. My pimples were leaing dents but this cleared my pimples within 3 month
on 14/05/2013
Tretinoin broke me out so bad! I went to the dermatologist because I was breaking out with maybe 5-6 pimples. So he prescribed this this cream. I was clueless about this cream and used it without researching it. Worst decision. My skin broke out really bad and I had 20 pimples and I got red acne scars (hyper-pigmentation). To make matters worse I had to go on accutane to get rid of all the acne. Please do not use this, your self-esteem will go dowm.
on 07/11/2012
I started my treatment in August and its been three months. Scars are slowly fading and skin around the mouth along with my nose peels the most. On 0.05% the generic form. My skin is getting smoother and feels like a baby. I can't wait until I am finished to see the amazing results.<br/>Warning: Initial breakout is really bad i had at least 5 new pimples every day with the head coming out it was horrible but I kept on. You know what they say when the going get rough keep going.