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It saved me.
on 19/03/2015
I'll keep this as brief as possible.<br/>I've been off Accutane for about six months.<br/>I am a 22-year old female who got severe adult onset acne when I turned 18. I had severe acne on my face, back, and shoulders.<br/>I tried every OTC product and prescription product (including retin-A micro, birth control, etc. ) that my dermatologist recommended.<br/>My dermatologist believes I have a hypersensitivity in my dermis to testosterone.<br/>Finally, all that was left to try was Accutane.<br/>I've been on two rounds of Accutane. First was 6 months, second (three months later) was 4 months.<br/>My experience: After a couple weeks the drug stopped the oil production on my face. It was heaven. I had VERYYYY oily skin all through my teen years. My skin continued to break out for about a month, and then stopped. The breakouts that I had while on Accutane left the worst scars-be careful. I had no mood swings, in fact I was the happiest I'd been in years because my skin was clear and dry.<br/>After the 6-month round ended, the oil returned in a few weeks. The acne did slightly on my face, but not my body. I used benzoyl peroxide and went back to my derm. He put me on another 4-month round. Now, six months after my second round, my skin is manageably oily. I probably use 3-5 oil blotting sheets per day, versus the 20+ I was using before Accutane.<br/>My acne is 99% gone. I only breakout around my jawline now, so I use benzoyl peroxide there once a day to keep it clear. The rest of my face remains perfectly clear, and my back and shoulders are also completely healed except for the very occasional pimple on my back, which doesn't bother me whatsoever.<br/>I do have more joint pain. I do have some unfortunate scarring from breakouts during my accutane treatment. But to me, these are SO WORTH IT!!! Accutane saved my life. I can face the world, I can go to school, I can have a boyfriend, I can socialize, I can leave my house confident...I can feel beautiful. I will never regret it.
on 16/12/2013
I've tried this lotion and the facial one with spf15.<br/>They both provided a silky smooth canvas for my makeup, I loveeed the way they gave my skin a soft glow and they actually reduced my oil production dramatically.<br/>BUT, BUT, BUT<br/>OMG. CLOGGED PORES EVERYWHERE. PLACES I DIDN'T KNOW WERE POSSIBLE<br/>In a few days these moisturisers have wreaked havoc on my face.<br/>Cetaphil, you suck.
on 16/12/2013
This doesn't make my skin burn like many people.<br/>It's absolutely a dream under my foundation. It perfectly smooths over dry skin and gives my skin a soft texture and healthy glow. BUT THEN IT MAKES ME BREAK OUT IN THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF ANGRY PIMPLES for weeks and weeks afterwards. It literally managed to clog more pores on my face than I even have. It made me breakout in places I didn't know were possible. I don't know what ingredient is doing all this hell raising but if I ever find out I'll be literally runninnnnng away from products containing it ! OMG.
on 26/11/2013
For some reason this hasn't been working for my skin. :( Adding a single drop of this into my moisturiser began the pore clogging process. BIG TIME. And many of those clogged pores turned into pimples. I let my skin heal and tried reintroducing the oil. Same thing happened again. Also it didn't work with my beloved beauty blender. The sponge will not deposit liquid foundation on top of this oil for some reason. My skin also felt dry underneath the oily layer. But most people seem to have had great success, I guess it just didn't agree with my skin.
Fair results
on 25/11/2013
Before using the BP I used '5% BP Oxy acne vanishing treatment' (which I got here in nova scotia, canada). This is a comparison of the two types of BP.The Oxy 5% worked so amazingly well. It turned my severe acne into NO acne in about 8 months time. But the clear skin didn't last for forever, when my third year at university began my skin began to break out all over again. So I switched to the BP hoping it would be better for my skin.<br/>I'll tell you.<br/>The BP looked a hundred times worse under my foundation. It caused a gradual separation of my makeup from my skin and I looked like a crazy person after only a few hours. It caused excessive dryness and flakiness, more than I had ever had with the Oxy 5%. The BP always makes my eyes sting and burn when applying (even though it's nowhere even close to my eye area.) It's gritty.The little particles feel irritating on my skin. It takes a while to dry. The packaging however is lovely, it's much cheaper than the Oxy 5%, and a 16oz bottle lasts forever. My acne has improved. I use the BP at bedtime now, and use the Oxy 5% during the day under my makeup, because the Oxy 5% acts like a lovely primer that gives my makeup a smooth look. I have tried five different products containing 2.5%-5% benzoyl peroxide, and the Oxy 5% was the only one that worked well for my skin, plus cooperation with foundation. Moral of the story : try different things out. Waste a little money. Get to know your skin. Be prepared to make mistakes in order to find your holy grail products.
Pretty soft skin :)
on 01/10/2013
I dilute this, 1 part tea tree oil to 10 parts water. I then apply a couple layers over my face letting them dry (doesn't take more than a minute) and then add moisturizer. Before this I was using BP (currently using the one from 2-3 times a day for over a year. It healed my acne, but it doesn't go well under makeup and dryness made my skin look dull and irritated. So now I use tea tree oil under my makeup, and use BP in the evening / overnight, or any time I'm not going to wear makeup. I've been doing this for two weeks and my skin has never been so soft and glowing. It also seems to be helping with the oil production, probably because it's not overdrying my skin? It burns slightly at application but not really any differently from BP. I love the smell, it's just smells natural and earthy :)
Best blotting sheets I've tried
on 25/06/2013
These sheets are nice, and blot away the oil neatly without smudging makeup beneath; but I find regular tissues do the same job almost as well and are much cheaper!
on 03/12/2012
I completely changed my skin care routine mid-summer because my skin was having a severe breakout and I was desperate to find something that worked. I began using fruit of the earth aloe vera gel (along with other things) on top of or underneath my moisturizer, morning and night. At first my skin because to heal rapidly. Then I began to develop tiny white bumps across my forehead, which alarmed me, but I assumed it was from the heat. They quickly spread in less than a week to coating my entire face. In desperation I switched out every single one of my new products for old, trusted ones EXCEPT the aloe vera, because I thought there was no way it could be causing it because it's 'all natural.' .....I know better than that. But for some reason, I was clueless this time, and continued using the aloe vera until FINALLY weeks later I had a moment of enlightenment and stopped using it. The bumps dissapeared completely in a week. My pimples finally began to improve. A few weeks later I ran out of brow gel so I lightly brushed some aloe through them (hoping I could get some use out of the remaining product.) A few short days later I had two eyebrows full of little white bumps and four pimples. Wtf. From the ingredients list, I can only assume it's from the DMDM hydantoin (known irritant. unnecessary in aloe.) Anyway, if you're not sensitive to the DMDM hydantoin then you're probably fine. If not, save your money and buy actual 100% Aloe Vera gel. Because this stuff has additives that it really does not need !!!!
on 18/11/2012
I take one or two 15mg supplements of zinc at bedtime. I take iron supplements and my other vitamins in the morning. I have moderately severe acne on my face, and although I found zinc to make my skin softer, it didn't seem to help the acne on my face or sides of shoulders. However, it has done WONDERS for my back. I have had moderatly severe bacne for six years now. After taking zinc for three weeks the change is unbelievable. My back is 99% clear, the hyperpigmentation has faded significantly and today (after a light application of body makeup) I wore a backless dress for the first time in....years. After only three weeks, I'm absolutely floored. I didn't think a change that drastic was possible. I did absolutely nothing else differently, and applied no products to my back during this time. I feel my confidence beginning to come back slowly, even though my face has a long way to go. I believe zinc is helping my skin all over, it just needs more time to help my face. I'll definitely continue using it, and I'd recommend trying it to anyone suffering from body acne aswell. :)
on 29/10/2012
For the first five days I used a baking soda + water mask on my face, morning and night for three minutes. Then I'd take my Spectro Gel Cleanser and massage that over the mask for two minutes. After rinsing, my skin would be soft, glowing, redness in skin reduced, swelling in pimples reduced, and the large deep acne spots would be much less painful.<br/>After five days of this my forehead was clear for the first time in two years. :):) The rest of my skin was clearer by at least 50% as well, which is HUGE for me.<br/>I now only use it as a spot treatment every two days, and occasionally as a mask, since long term use of baking soda on your skin will damage the acid mantel because of it's extremely high PH value, which can reverse it's healing properties, and make your skin get worse again. Also, it is very powerful and can chemically burn your skin if it's left on too long. Everyone's skin is different, and you'll need to experiment to find out what you can handle. Watch your skin veryyyy carefully while wearing this mask to make sure it's not turning too red, which means it's getting burnt !