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on 06/11/2012
Using accutane was the best decision of my life so far. After trials of tetracycline and minocycline that didn't work for me my dermatologist told me that the only thing that would help me would be accutane. Although my lips were chapped for the majority of my 7 month trial (carmex is a life saver while on accutane) I was still happy the entire time i was on the drug. I used to be afraid to go out in fear that I would be judged for the hideous amounts of acne on my face. Now I have all the confidence in the world thanks to accutane and the beautiful clear skin it brought me. My parents were worried with its link to chron's disease and links to depression and suicidal thoughts. Apparently there has only been one documented correlation between Chron's disease and accutane. And I didn't see myself getting depressed or upset if the drug would be taking the biggest problem out of my life. After a year being off accutane I still don't get breakouts. I've had maybe 7 or 8 small pimples since I got off in June. I would reccomend accutane to anyone who suffers with their acne as much as I did. It does help and it does make it better.