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don't try Carelys clear and smooth
on 12/07/2013
I tried this product because of great reviews, but the first weeks - 5 months it just made my acne entirely worse. nothing nothing, cleared. I broke out more than ever all over my face. I never experienced severe breakout on my face ever since using this product. the only thing that product did is cleansed my face. I followed the regimen rules and advice but in the end nothing worked, the damage that this product caused never cleared just only made my skin worse, causing me severe scarring, more breakouts, more oily skin, and even made skin look like I had sun damage. I even asked the owner what's the longest duration a customer has endured to have clear skin, the owner said a a client took 7 months to clear skin and even said it's normal that the skin get worse due to using their product. before using this product I had very light acne
neutrogena acne spot treatment
on 12/07/2013
used this product over the recommended reviews, only used this for about a month, at first it dries out and fades the pimples but it just turns them into scars. after using this product, my skin became immune, the product just stopped doing it's job. the product didn't work for me because I have more stubborn acne