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  1. Breakouts

    Welcome to the forums! I'm the exact same way with sugars, my skin tends to react when I go overboard with them. I think otherwise you could try a milder percentage of benzoyl peroxide, 2.5% is proven to be as effective at reducing acne as 10% but it is less irritating to the skin. Washing your face morning and night is good, and applying a gentle oil-free moisturizer is good too. One of the things that helped the most for me was being super gentle with my skin with everything... from pat drying it, to putting on moisturizer/washing it with a feather light touch. The less external irritation you put on your skin the less chance for breakouts you will have, I find exfoliation is hard on my skin too, I tend to avoid it. Besides that I really like using hydrocolloid bandages for any whiteheads and I suggest you follow up with your GP if you dont find the antibiotics helpful. All the best!
  2. Coconut Oil and Burning Face

    I got this too when I tried using straight up oils as moisturizers before, I think I used safflower oil or something. I think coconut oil has some comedogenic properties to it also, I think you could find a moisturizer much better suited for acne that wont irritate your skin!
  3. Do you think this is accutane worthy?

    I genuinely think what is deemed "accutane worthy" really depends on the individual. Some people have mild and persistent acne that they take accutane for if it doesn't respond to anything else. You have what looks like mild-moderate acne to me, what have you tried so far to combat it?
  4. Quitting The Regimen

    The complete regimen was too harsh for my skin too, like you it worked, but the redness and flakiness really kept up. What worked quite a bit for me was being SUPER gentle with my skin, when I wash it/gently pat dry it/put moisturizer on it... I would always do this with a super gentle touch. I just stick to a gentle cleanser now with a simple moisturizer afterwords. I try to limit myself from consuming a ton of sugar and I use hydrocolloid bandages for any whiteheads I might get. (using a lancet to gently prick the whitehead, never popping a spot) Wish you all the best!