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Works like any 2.5% BP product.. but doesn't leave as much white residue.
on 27/06/2013
I would recommend this product if you are starting the regimen at home and are waiting for a gel form of BP. It still will leave a white residue when you work your way up to the recommended amount for the regimen.. but It leave less than other over-the-counter BP products.
Works like any other sulfur product.. but can be very over-drying
on 27/06/2013
I would recommend you just use a less irritating over the counter sulfur product.. you will achieve similar results without the expensive price and hassle of getting a doctor to give it to you.
Gets the job done, but that's about all.
on 27/06/2013
I found it was good for some light exfoliation.. but beyond that.. nothing much. I don't believe it helps much with any breakouts you might get.. but it could help very mild breakouts with some skin types.
Good exfoliating product..but sometimes a little too rough.
on 27/06/2013
I would recommend this if you have really resistant skin.. but the product contains little jagged pieces of apricot pit.. which tares micro holes in the skin. It does exfoliate.. but not in the most productive way possible.
Works for blackheads.. but to rough on nose.
on 27/06/2013
This product does what is says for blackheads.. it will remove them.. but it can break the skin of your nose, and potentially cause spider veins.
May help clear red marks after acne.. but I believe it does clog pores.
on 27/06/2013
As far as scar treatment goes, I believe this could help a significant amount.. but you have to be careful using on your face with acne prone skin.. it is an oil.. and very well could clog pores.
Love lemon water.. but personally find citrus helps cystic acne formation
on 27/06/2013
I love it as a drink.. but I find citrus helps promote cystic acne.
Great for health.. but never found it to have an effect on my acne.
on 27/06/2013
Very high in Vitamin A and Omega-3 chain fatty acids... which means it's wonderful for your health in moderation.. but I never found it to benefit breakouts.
Decent cheap little moisturizer.. but I believe it to be more irritating than effective.
on 27/06/2013
The moisturizing effect of the product is ok for the price.. but I find the menthol in the product much more irritating the necessary.
Was WAY to harsh on my skin, but I could see how it would be effective for some people.
on 27/06/2013
This product burned by skin.. Although I could have weaned into using the product better then I did at the time. I could see how this would be very effective for some people.. but it was just not the product for me.