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on 15/10/2012
Differin has been a savior for my skin! I went to the dermatologist with really inflamed and angry acne and he prescribed this along with a course of doxycycline which I have since stopped using. There was an initial breakout at around week 2 but it was nothing major and cleared up pretty quick :) I began to notice clearer and less angry looking skin about 1.5 months in. After 3 months, my skin cleared up :) Since stopping the doxycycline, I have been using Differin to maintain my skin and no major breakouts just a few teeny weeny pimples here and there :) Differin also faded my PIH amazingly well and after about 6 months of usage my skin was a uniform colour FOR THE FIRST TIME.<br/>I know Differin is insanely expensive in the US so I would recommend you obtain generic adapalene if you can to save some moolah :)