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Important! Look out!
on 20/03/2014
Hair loss got better and my skin seemed to get better, too, but I stopped.<br/>If you take antidepressants, don't take Sprionolactone! It'll suppress the antidepressant effect. It's true! I take Wellbutrin (other names: Zyban, Elontril | Bupropion - I love it) and after taking Spiro (100mg like in researchers' studies), the antidepressants didn't work anymore, for 1-2 days!<br/>Wikipedia:<br/>"Research has also shown spironolactone can interfere with the effectiveness of antidepressant treatment. The drug is actually (among its other receptor interactions) a mineralocorticoid (MR) antagonist, and has been found to reduce the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs in the treatment of major depression, it is presumed, by interfering with normalization of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in patients receiving antidepressant therapy."<br/>Now I try Avodart (Dutasterid). It's an antiandrogen which inhibts the transformation of testosterone to DHT (active testosterone). I hope my skin will get better soon. Unfortunately Dutasterid is really expensive. I have a thyroid hypofunction which might have led to hair loss and depression - that's why I needed antidepressants but Sprio inhibts their effect. By taking meds for my thyroid hypofunction (Prothyrid, and hopefully someday Thybon as well?), I hope I won't need antidepressants anymore (btw I read thyroid meds can help acne patients, too). If I'm successful with the thyroid meds, I'll stop taking antidepressants and try to take Spiro again (lower dosis this time) because it's way cheaper (costs $5) than Dutasterid ($50). If it won't help, I'll keep taking Dutasterid (studies say 0,5mg is okay and it won't get much better by taking more).<br/>Btw Finasterid stops DHT, too, but not in the places which are important for the skin (it might work great for hair though).<br/>Actually I wanted to tell you about Dutasterid but it's not in acne.org's database and there's no way I can add it. So whoever reads this: Dutasterid might be a way to get rid of acne, too. It doesn't have to be a contraceptive, antiandrogens can be much more effective. Sprio works like antiandrogens that's why it helps so many people who have acne. Dutasterid inhibts DHT more directly. Let's see whether it'll work.
was great but now it's over
on 11/10/2012
Just fantastic. Since the first day it has worked and it's just amazing! I haven't had such great skin in YEARS. Finally my skin looks wonderful. I'm kind of unhappy about the fact that I've found this great solution that late - all that frustration with my acne for so many years... it would have never existed!<br/>Actually I'm using it with Roa because I'm not sure whether I finally can go without Roa. But even with Roa I still had acne. In combination with green tea all problems have gone!<br/>__<br/>Edit: I needed to drink too much green tea to have good effects, green tea pills didn't work. Unfortunately I forgot which brand I drank. All the brands I used later on didn't taste good or didn't work. Result: Bad skin again. :/ Now I'm trying Dutasterid and later maybe Sprionolactone (see my other review).