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on 07/10/2012
Fish oil is one of the many vitamins that i take that do not do much for my skin. This supplement actually breaks me skin out instead of helping clear it. I have noticed that whenever i take it i break out really bad along the jawline area. When i break out it is very deep and painful pimples that don't seem to go away regardless of how many acne products i use on it. I have heard that this vitamin does wonders for other people tho and i encourage everyone to at least try it if you want to find an acne supplement that is natural and healthy for you.
on 07/10/2012
AcneFree Sulfur Mask is one of the best products in the AcneFree line. I'm very pleased that it is sulfur based because it works great on my skin. I have oily skin and this product does as it promises: clears skin. After a long day of work and school my skin begins to look like an oil slick which can cause my makeup run. After using this product once or twice a week I have a much more even skin tone. I would recommend this product to anyone with combination skin, not sure how it would work on dry/easily irritated skin but so far I have had great results. Will continue to buy.