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Dermabrasion review
on 14/07/2013
Dermabrasion is a treatment option for those not looking for a fast track help all solution. In order for this treatment to work you have to do several sessions, each one potentially making your acne worse and your skin increasingly more irritated. I was able to do about 3 sessions due to financial reasons and at first i did not see any huge results in my overall skin complexion, texture, and acne breakouts. During my second sessions my skin was the most sensitive was bright red after treatment. I was unable to even touch my face after a few days but the redness and swelling went down about 2 days into it. On my third session (my last treatment) i noticed a slight change of the look and feel of my skin. My skin was able to tolerate the session and was less red and irritated after. Having said all that, if i had done all the treatments suggested by the doctor than i may have seen a significant change in my skin. I give this treatment 3 stars because i do believe that it does work and have witnessed it on other people, just not myself. It is worth a try if you are looking for a last resort treatment option besides Accutane.
on 07/10/2012
I like this product simply as a spot treatment. It helps get rid of enlarged pimples that simply won't get away. If i feel a white head coming in i will dab a pea sized amount on it before bed and in the morning it will help reduce the size and redness. This is not a miracle product but definitely helps those that get occasional breakouts.
on 07/10/2012
I absolutely LOVE this product! It worked wonders on my skin. I used it once at night after cleansing to get rid of all left over makeup. It helped get rid of dirt, bacteria, makeup, and dead skin cells. This product was very gentle on my skin and never caused it to be irritated. I have used several other pads but have not found one that was as effective and that has benzoyl peroxide instead of salicylic acid. Hopefully this product will come back!
on 07/10/2012
I really enjoy the Cetaphil anti-bacterial bar. I use it on my face and body and I have had great results. Although many dermatologists suggest not using soap on your face I have found this product to be pretty mild and it has not broke out my face. Occasionally it can be very drying, especially in the winter season. I would suggest using a moisturizer with this product. Overall, I will always be a loyal customer.
on 07/10/2012
I really wanted this product to work for me but unfortunately it gave me horrible headaches. I did not see a difference in my skin after taking it for about 6 weeks. All pills in the 'cycline' family have given me this reaction.
on 07/10/2012
Accutane is a miracle product. It truly transformed by blotchy acne prone skin with whiteheads and blackheads into a baby face. My pores were smaller, skin was softer, and I could eat any kind of food I wanted and I never got a break out. After two months of taking Accutane I started to feel blah- not necessarily depressed but I just didn't feel like myself anymore. With my skin being 100% acne and scar free I decided to taper off the product and hoped that my acne would not return. My skin remained free of acne for about 3-4 months and then I started breaking out again. If i had stayed on the cycle longer it might have completely cleared my acne. I have thought about using it again but am some what scared about the negative effects. If you are have tried every single product over the counter and prescription and nothing has worked for you then I would recommend this as a last resort solution.