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  1. Glad to hear that you were able to get spiro on the NHS and really pleased to hear that it's working for you!
  2. Just a quick update. I bought the Spironolactone today and at Boots it cost £9.84 for 90 tablets of 100mg with a private prescription. Considering all the money I've spent on creams, lotions and "magic potions" this would be a good investment - if it works! Wish me luck (as I do for all of you). :-)
  3. Hello, I know this post is about two years old but I just wanted to give a "Spironolactone in the UK" update. I live in the UK and have had no success after asking two GP's for Spironolactone so I decided to go private (I have to wait 6 months to even be referred to an NHS dermatologist even though I've had acne for 30 = years). I contacted dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe in London (google him and he should come up) and went to their "acne clinic" last week. I saw a lovely nurse who agreed that before using Accutane we should try Spironolactone. I had some blood work done - again privately- and am waiting for my prescription for Spironolactone to come in the mail (the nurse called today and said it was in the post). So don't give up - it is possible to get it in the UK. I'm hoping that my GP will accept a letter from the (private) Dermatologist as a recommendation to prescribe me the medication on the NHS, however if not then at least there is a way here in the UK albeit costly . Here's a breakdown of the cost so far: Consultation = £150 Blood work = £175 Then the cost of the medication itself which I'm yet to purchase however Boots told me that 28 days of 25mg is £6. I hope this helps someone. oops sorry this topic is about 1 year old I mean :-)