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on 20/04/2013
I have bad acne, and i used this for 3 months and its the worst product ive ever used.<br/>I had 10 acne spots which were bothering me and within 2 weeks it cleared up, but then at the to week mark, 20 acne spots appeared over the week, literally my face was covered, i went back to doctor who said to keep using this so i did an new acne kept on appearing so i was advised to stop.<br/>Now one year one, im left with acne scarring from using this product, and there is no sign of the scars reducing.
on 20/04/2013
Ive used so many products from creams to tablets and nothing worked.<br/>So i thought to give this a shot and im glad i did, I used sudocrem when i had big acne spots which decreased the size then i used tea tree oil which made the spots smaller and less visible.<br/>good product!<br/>worth a try!
on 23/09/2012
I went to my GP about my acne, i was getting down about having 10 spots roughly.. I was prescribed this treatment i regret the day i purchased this.<br/>The first couple of weeks i did see a massive improvement then the 2 week in initial break out occurred and i thought ok..fine!...then i thought it would go away and it did sort of but then 4 weeks in i went from 10acne spots roughly to 40!...left me with horrific scarring and my skin has been thinned out so much. I went back to my gp and she told me to use it still so i did for another 4 weeks and each morning i would wake up to another new spot that would only add to the scars.<br/>To me this product is not worth it anymore, it might be great for others but for my skin is was not... it made my acne 10 times worse then before, left with scarring and little open pores on my cheeks.<br/>I use this product only once a day and within 2 months my skin feels destroyed.
on 23/09/2012
It works.<br/>I have moderate acne and i started using this after everything else failed or made my acne worse.<br/>Sudocrem is cheap yet so effective. It targets redness over night, reduced the size of my acne and made my skin smooth.<br/>Im now 1 week into this and i can see a big diference already.