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on 14/09/2012
When I went and saw my dermatologist for the first time my acne was so severe, with lots of cystic pimples, and scars that she wanted to put me on Accutane, but my parents were against it since I would have to be on bc. So instead of Accutane she perscribed this. The first few months on Bacrtim I didn't see much improvement at all, and I was about ready to give up when my skin started clearing a little by little. After a year my skin has become virtually pimple free, absolutely no cystic acne, and now I feel comfortable not wearing makeup most days. My dermatologist told me at my last visit this spring that I can discontinue the Bactrim when I think I'm ready, which was great news. I'm still taking it, but I may stop it towards the end of the year. :)