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on 14/08/2012
it's annoying to use. seriously. there's too much to use and makes my face burn. Funny, how I'm reviewing this right now and the commercial is on right now. But yeah didn't work, ended up throwing it all away.
on 14/08/2012
I used this because I know that I break out from stress but I also break out during my period and when i'm stressed. I do still have some acne which i believe comes from oil and dirt clogging my pores. but this really helped a lot. My forehead had bumps on it and it cleared up a lot, cleared up the appearence of my acne. I do, however, still have some acne on my chin and between my forehead but it cleared it up everywhere else like on the side of my face and forehead. :) i would reccommend this for people who do stress out a lot and know they get acne from it.