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on 26/08/2012
Okay, everyone is complaining about the purging stage. The truth is, this happens with almost EVERY acne treatment you'll use. It's the hidden stuff coming up and your face adjusting to the change. It takes a while to adjust to and everyone reacts differently. After using the product only once, my face started to break out a little..However, in the spots where it was clear, you could tell that those spots were actually cleaner. You can feel both the 1st and 2nd step working while you apply it. My face still hasn't cleared up, but I'm still in the purging stage and I have hope for this product, honestly. I know it will work out in the end. You shouldn't lose hope either. I got this product at Sephora for 27 dollars; 25 with my mall discount. If you want to buy this product, you can find it cheap, I'm sure. I got the entire package. I will update my review once I get past the purging stage.