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on 26/04/2013
I have had acne ever since the age of 13. I am not 21 years old! my skin is VERY oily. the first time i ever got prescribed something was my senior year of highschool and i was given Epiduo. It worked but i got used to it and suddenly stopped working. I went to my dermo a month ago and she gave me Tazorac cream for the night and cylndamycin phosphate for the morning. Thankfully i had NO side effects what so ever (peeling,redness,drying,flaking) I guess its because i have oily skin. I did get really bad breakouts, and i felt like the medication wasnt working. i still stuck in for the 4 week mark, because thats what the website said to do. and now im finally seeing improvement. I had mild acne and now i only ave one active breakout. Unfortunately because of the purging period, you will get more breakouts and more scars. but i have seen a significant amount of change in my scars as well.