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Godsend for Bacne!
on 25/09/2013
I have stubborn bacne that doesn't respond to over the counter or prescription medications. However, on a whim I decided to try Terminator for my acne, and in two days my bacne went from bumpy and red, to nearly smooth and clear. And by day three, there was one small pimple on my back, and the rest was clear. Terminator keeps me clear and for the past several months, I've kept at least two tubes on hand. Highly recommended!
on 09/11/2012
I'm not sure why more people aren't given this medication. I use it along with Retin A Micro as a spot treatment. I put it on my chin and around my nose and the moment a little bump begins to appear, this medication dries it out and it's gone before it fully forms. If I happen to get a red inflamed pimple, Vanoxide HC is effective in reducing the bump's redness. Very happy with this product and I am CLEAR.