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  1. Fucksake.

    Honestly just hate hindsight. I'm looking at my last update haha and my skin was half decent there, infact no it WAS decent. It's actually worse now and in getting cysts popping up under my neck and I can feel one brewing on my forehead. What the hell?? My skin isn't in a good way at all. I'll post some pics of what I have now. I'm not comfortable showing my full face right now but this thing on my neck is painful I have paid to see a private derm next week to enquire about starting another roaccutane course. I just pray I can, I thought that because I'm going to pay for it Id have a much higher chance of getting it again since I feel the NHS derm will want me to do the rounds again you know? Why is this so bloody hard. I recently got a new boyfriend (nearly 3 months together) and he met me when my skin was pretty damn great. Now.. ugh. I wouldn't date me. He loves me he says but.. I just can't love myself when my face is a mess.
  2. I just wanted to ask a quick question regarding my acne. I'm 26 now (jeez) and have suffered with acne for about 14 years. I have seriously tried many many treatments over the years (4 different antibiotics, 2 birth controls, spiro, 2 rerinoid, the regime here, MANY OTC products etc) and my acne has ranged from severity throughout. I definitely have stubborn persistent acne, currently I'd rate it a good 4.5/10. Yeah it doesn't sound "severe" but it's always bloody there and it seriously affects my mental state and life. I was on roaccutane last year (through the NHS, im up in Scotland) Aug 2016-Jan 2017.. and my skin was truly perfect, it's never been that clear before in my life! I had a cumulative dose of 7,840mg for my 55kg body weight. I read that actually the lowest dose for roaccutane to keep acne at bay is usually 8,400mg.. but who knows. As of April 2017 my skin started breaking out again, nothing major and nothing that a benzoyl peroxide couldn't help. However it has been getting worse and worse and I'm beginning to get the odd cyst again which seriously hurt. The thing is I've read that some people may need a second course of Roaccutane and the dermatology nurse told me this too, however at my recent follow-up the nurse said that you may need to wait over a year before starting again I found that surprising since I know someone personally who waited just 6 months before another course. Anyway, I booked in to see a private derm in a week to enquire about a second course and paying for it because it's what I really want since I feel a second course maybe just what I need. I feel if I went back to the NHS derm, she'll most likely make me go through the rounds again (antibiotics etc) before considering a second course of Roaccutane. I just wondered if you think I've made the right decision on going private to hopefully receive a second course or do you personally think since it's only been 7 months post my first course that I may be wasting my time and money? TL/DR: was on Accutane last year, it's now 7 months post and it's coming back quickly and affecting my mental state and controlling my life again. Will I have a better chance at getting a second round if I go private and essentially pay for it as opposed to waiting for the NHS derm who will most likely make me start from scratch with antibiotics etc?
  3. Acne on neck/jawline

    Have you considered a second round of Accutane?
  4. paula's choice bha

    If you put on too much then I feel your skin will get irritated too quickly which may break you out. Have you noticed any improvement since using it?
  5. What's this on my face? :/

    I think it's just dry skin? Maybe exfoliate there to get rid of it?
  6. Upper lips pustules

    Have you been using more lipstick or chapstick than normal? Do you shave that area? Hair removal of any kind?
  7. Anybody know how to get rid of this type of acne

    Hey, i know how you feel. Heck, we all know how you feel because we're on the same boat as you - looking for a cure. First of all don't worry because your acne isn't too bad, I'd actually say it's relatively mild and seems to just be concentrated around your headline and forehead. Hormonal acne normally situates heavily around the jaw line and chin/mouth, but not everyone is the same, but most often that's what happens. Are you on any birth control? I am taking a guess and think it could be due to sweating maybe at the gym, what's your skin care regime like? Do you wash your face as soon as you finish working out? Do you also wear makeup a lot? I used to have similar acne like this but mines changes depending which medication I'm on so for the most part it's mainly just smaller tiny bumps/pimples scattered over my face just now.
  8. Clothing causing acne

    It's possible.. what kind of acne is it? I get a rash type of acne on my chest and tummy if I wear certain material and use fabric softener of any kind. I'd look at what your washing your clothes with and stick to fragrance free washes and one's suited for sensitive skin.
  9. Is it a permanent pimple??

    No idea what it could be, did it have a pus-filled head on it initially? I'd suggest seeing your doctor if your worried tbh.
  10. What level of acne do I have?

    Yeah I probably say mild to moderate too if it's only your forehead, there is a lot of comedonal acne however no cystic acne that I can see. I feel a rerinoid is your best hope for that type of acne, are you using anything at the moment?
  11. Round 2 of Roaccutane/Accutane?

    Hey Maisie, Thanks for your reply. I'm actually really happy to find someone in the same boat as me - can I ask what type of acne you had before starting Accutane? Also how did you find your side effects the second time Around? I was quite lucky side effect wise tbh, all I really had was dry peeling lips and a little bit of hair loss and dry eyes. I was on 30mg the first month the 50mg the next 4 months but just feel it maybe wasn't enough you know? I've read that you need a cumulative dose for your weight and I believe I was off mines by like 1000mg or something.
  12. Update with pics

    Just a quick update with pics I just took. there's quite a few and I know what your thinking, "it's not bad AT ALL". To be fair the pics don't do it justice cos my forehead is insane with all these superficial bumps (which btw Accutane helped so much) and I have a few pus -filled whiteheads on it. The sides of my face and chin and clear yes and I'm grateful for that but it seems the centre of my face is just not how I want it. I'm still using differin nightly or sometimes every second evening and I used that throughout my first course of Accutane too. I'm just not happy with it therefore I'm willing to go on another round, what I may do too is use Retin A perhaps after stopping next time or even towards the end.. I don't know. I'll keep you updated though.
  13. Update

    Hey guys, Just wanted to give you all an update. I haven't been on in a while and that's due to a mixture of things. I stopped Accutane in Jan, was on it for like 5 months altogether. I was clear totally for like 3 months and unfortunately came back, not as bad but it's not good man. My forehead is the worst actually and I have loads of bumps and a few whiteheads on it, I don't understand. I keep thinking maybe 5 month was too short a course and I didn't get all the dose I needed, that possible? I'll post pics up soon to show what it's like. I see my derm again next Friday (7th) and I believe I will be starting round 2.
  14. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've been on here. I finished my first round of Accutane at the end of Jan and my skin was beautiful.. beautiful. For 3 whole months it was great then slowly it's been coming back. It's not as bad but it's not great, before I started Accutane it was maybe a solid 8.5/10 for badness and currently I'd say it's a 3.5/10. Anyway, I saw my derm like a couple months ago and she said that some people do need a second round to be in complete remission. I see her again in a week so in going to just ask her straight up to start it again. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of needing a second round or are also thinking of a second round too??
  15. are the acne face maps accurate?

    Haha. Your post made me giggle Um.. I'd like to think there's some truth to it. I mainly just have acne on my forehead like everywhere on my forehead and the majority of those maps say I should be drinking a TON of water because my digestive system isn't great.. which I guess could be true.