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on 12/08/2012
I tried this when the drug store didn't have my usual sulfur treatment (Acnomel) and I like it! It works about as well and you get a lot for the money.<br/>It's a mask, not an ointment, and it's pretty sticky so I apply it 10 minutes before my shower, where it's easier to wash off. It's a bit of a pain trying to wash it off in the sink. Definitely moisturize after you use it!<br/>I've experimented with leaving it on longer than the recommended 10 minutes and my skin is pretty oily so that works for me. I got a little bit of peeling but the dead skin just rubbed off and there was no raw or red skin underneath. It seems to be most effective if you can leave it as long as possible but not so long that it makes your skin peel later, which requires a bit of trial and error.<br/>I've also tried using it as a spot treatment ointment, I get a little dab on my fingertip and apply it to a pimple then just leave it. If it starts to itch later then I wipe it off with a tissue but it doesn't always - sometimes it just sort of soaks in and it doesn't bother me. That works for me but it might dry your skin! I definitely recommend using it as directed on a small patch of skin first to see how it is for you.<br/>I think this might even be better than Acnomel, it doesn't dry my skin quite as much as Acnomel does. I'm kind of alternating between the two at the moment. My regimen definitely works better when it includes sulfur.
on 12/08/2012
This is the best acne product I've ever found. I use it as a spot treatment - or occasionally over a larger area if I feel like I need it - with my daily regimen (mild cleanser, rinse & dry, benzoyl peroxide, wait 5 min, oil-free moisturizer, then Acnomel on spots).<br/>It's especially good for stopping pimples that are starting to form, before they come to a head. It doesn't work 100% of the time but it's pretty good.<br/>I like Acnomel so much that when my local drug stores stopped carrying it, I ordered some online.<br/>The only downside is if I have broken skin, Acnomel will irritate it, or if I have a scab it'll dry out and take longer to heal. So I only use Acnomel as a spot treatment on un-popped pimples or if I can feel a pimple coming up under the surface.<br/>I apply just a little if I'm going to be out in public, since the matte finish and the color make it noticeable, but I apply a lot to each spot when I'm going to be at home; it seems to work better with more.
on 12/08/2012
This is the best treatment I know for popped pimples and the resulting scabs. I don't use it regularly as prevention but it's great for treatment of existing wounds. I know it's much better to leave them alone but sometimes I just can't and when I'm left with a scab, this is what I use to heal it.<br/>My skin is very prone to scarring and this seems to help prevents scars as much as possible.<br/>I keep applying it 3+ times a day, including with a band-aid for overnight, until 2-3 days after the redness/infected look has gone, then I switch to vitamin E oil to heal the scab.