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on 24/06/2015
Let me just say that I don't use this as a spot treatment, I use it on my whole face. I use it as the BP part of the Regimen and it works very well for me, but for some reason it makes my skin feel tight and cakey.
on 24/06/2015
This moisturizer did the complete opposite than it's supposed to do. My skin somehow became an oil slick, but flaky, itchy and irritated at the same time!! The regimen is amazing but honestly this moisturizer needs to be fixed. And the smell is just... A no.
This Product is Great!
on 02/08/2013
I switched to this product because Dan's cleanser dries out my face a lot!
1 Word... Matte
on 02/08/2013
I for one have never tried the original Bare Minerals formula. Look for Bare Minerals Matte. I Have been using this product, accompanied by The Regimen, and my skin has never looked better! This makeup covers any left over scars I may have. I highly recommend using the Matte version of this product.