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  1. 3 years later...Here's an update.

    Soooooooo I’ve been MIA for a bit. My last blog post was on September 18, 2014. My skin was dandy. Until I got into grad school and moved to Chicago. Let me cut to the chase and tell you guys that the Acne.org regimen did NOT work for me in the Midwest. I have oily af skin. Astronauts can see me from space because of how intensely I shine. That paints a pretty clear picture right? Anyway, I always understood the definition of humidity but never experienced it until I moved to Chicago. Holy. Freaking. ****. I was like a fish out of water…and when it rained (which was a lot) it was a hot rain. You know when you drain a pot of pasta? Yeah it was like hot pasta water coming down. Turns out oily skin and humidity = clogged pores. In my case it was ANGRY, PAINFUL, AND MASSIVE clogged pores. The breakouts I got were like welts and most didn’t come to a head for weeks at a time. They would appear in extremely fun places like right between my eyebrows, front and center on my chin or awkwardly on my cheeks. At first I was in denial about my skin breaking out because being on the regimen had truly cleared me up. I figured eh, it’s the stress from moving across the country or stress from school…or…or…. the list of reasons went on and on until I came to terms that weather/location affected my skin to a huge degree. I remember after a month into living in Chicago I was feeling stumped (and pissed). I looked up this issue on the site wondering if Dan ever addressed it. Turns out you’re still supposed to use it as normal in a humid climate more or less. Didn’t work for me. Nothing in my skincare changed (was only using the Acne.org line) and nothing makeup wised changed. So what gives? My two years in Chicago had me resorting to trying new skincare items. I went through a lot of new skincare items to no avail. I used drugstore treatments, cleansers, higher end items…it was getting damn expensive and my student budget wasn’t liking it at all either. Nothing really worked. It was a weird and, frankly, crappy feeling when I realized my skin was back to being extremely problematic. I’m not being dramatic either. It wasn’t just one little dot. It was those dime sized, under-the-skin kind of parties happening all over my face. If I’m not such a lazy potato maybe I’ll get another blog post up about what items I used but then again, do you guys really want to read about things that kindaaaaa-worked-but-not-really? Probably not. Anyway, when I would fly home during holidays/breaks I noticed my skin cleared up drastically. It was frustrating to realize that it was the environment affecting my skin rather than something I could really control. Fast forward through my academic career, I finally graduated and moved the back to SoCal. My mom is my biggest skin critic and I don’t mind. I prefer honesty. She was confused at why my skin resorted to being difficult. I explained to her that Chicago was literally to blame. The moment I set up shop back at home, I resumed using the Acne.org regimen and lo and behold – skin calmed down and, dare I say, back to “normal” I no longer wake up with massive painful breakouts like I did in the Midwest. I’m now dealing with leftover hyperpigmentation from my past breakouts. I’ve been back in SoCal since May and I’ve seen a huge improvement with my skin. It’s a relief that the regimen still works for me in Cali. Now if only the stupid store would let my order go through I could restock on my cleanser, treatment and moisturizer. My skin is progressing in the right direction. Again, mainly just dealing with hyperpigmentation and time will help clear it up. I’d rather deal with scars than active breakouts. At least at this stage of my skin I can fake flawless skin with makeup…here's a picture to make a case in point. A few fun facts about me since, y’know, it’s easy to forget that this blog was typed up by a normal human being. I got my Master’s in Nursing. I studied like a mad man and was barely holding onto my sanity. The amount of information they shoved at my face was insane. It was like trying to sip from a fire hydrant – you can’t. But you did it anyway…because…school…career…never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…don’t dishonor the family…. Dry comments aside, I hope everyone has been doing well. Take care of yourselves guys. Any questions? Ask them, don’t be shy.