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on 30/08/2012
The directions say you can mix this with either water or apple cider vinegar. I've never used water, but I've used it with two different kinds of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and I have to say the Bragg brand works the best. It seems to blend a lot better and form a nicer consistency than the Vitamin Shoppe brand ACV. The first time I tried this mask, I had a panic attack after 20 minutes thinking there was no way this was going to come off.. So.. I would suggest taking it off in the shower. It's a little frightening to have on because it tightens so much and after a while you feel like it's eating your face. But it's worth it and it works, this has cleared up my skin SO much, other people have commented on it. I personally leave it on for half an hour now with no ill effects and I actually have very sensitive skin, but you may want to build up to a longer amount of time. Anyway, this is my favourite acne product. TRY THIS.
on 30/08/2012
I used this twice a day, every day, for probably two years. For some reason I decided to pick up some Cetaphil and once I used it, I realized how harsh this Clean & Clear cleanser is. My skin felt so much tighter (not in a good way) and was very visibly drier using this stuff.. and I was using the "sensitive skin" kind. If your skin is really, really not sensitive to anything, I suppose this might work for you, but otherwise please try gentler cleansers first, because while it's probably better than most drugstore cleansers out there, it isn't doing you any favours.
on 30/08/2012
This stuff is so under-appreciated. I add a drop or two of jojoba oil to it and it makes my skin look very dewy and nice. I love it, this is the only moisturizer I will use.