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Damaged my insides and still have acne.
on 12/03/2014
Didn't work for me before accutane and didn't work for me after accutane.<br/>The only thing this does for me is give me stomach cramps and makes me nauseous.
Cinnamon is for your coffee, not for your face
on 05/03/2014
Cinnamon works as a chemical exfoliant so it does have a positive effect on acne, however it is merely an unstable, ineffective and more unpredictable alternative to Glycolic Acid.<br/>Used cinnamon mask once and had an allergic reaction and chemical burn from it. Took a week to heal.<br/>Would advice avoiding this and use a well formulated chemical exfoliant for better results and less danger.
Works well but does more damage than good
on 05/03/2014
I personally loved lavender oil when I used it and in combination with tea tree oil (mixed and applied neat beneath moisturiser) it really does clear up acne like benzoyl peroxide with less irritation, however lavender oil is extremely damaging to skin cells and does more damage than good :( Just use it to put me to sleep now haha.
Breaks me out but clears blackheads
on 05/03/2014
Jojoba oil breaks me out in lots of little whiteheads like no other oil ever has. Olive oil breaks me out in more cystic ones so I don't think it's a reaction but I genuinely think Jojoba oil is more comedogenic than people think.<br/>Targeted application to blackheads helps to soften them though so cleansing pulls them away.
Really works if you don't have digestive problems
on 05/03/2014
Makes such a difference to my skin and in combination with zinc tablets, I can stay clear... However I have digestive problems because of antibiotics and accutane so constant use causes my stomach to get sore :(<br/>I am going to try it again but build up slowly the amount I intake.
on 25/01/2014
I am horrified to see the amount of people who actually use this on their face.<br/>Your skin has a natural acid mantle which helps it fight breakouts and using an alkaline substance like baking soda will completely destroy that by throwing the PH right off.<br/>No competent skin care professional would ever recommend putting this on your face, but if you are going to anyway, make sure you lower the PH of your skin with an acidic toner after like ACV.
on 25/01/2014
Great non-comedogenic oil for all skin types.<br/>I have used this for about 6 months and couldn't live without it now.<br/>Also SAVED my hair!
Mediocre Facial Scrub
on 25/01/2014
I liked this product for it's smell and the novelty of using it but it is a very basic and borderline ineffective scrub.<br/>I don't think this should be called a cleanser because I don't see how it could possibly cleanse the skin at all.<br/>It is way too overpriced as you can make it yourself for about 50P with ingredients from the health food store.<br/>I used it up but wouldn't buy again as it doesn't even exfoliate that well (still left with flakes).
Post-Accutane Maintenance
on 25/01/2014
I finished my first course of accutane 3 months ago and was put on Differin by my dermatologist after I got a few spots in the first week after finishing the course. She said because my acne was so severe before, I will still have to have some sort of maintenance regimen and I asked for a topical retinoid as I hate the effects of benzoyl peroxide.<br/>It is very gentle as long as you use a small amount (as instructed), however if you use it liberally it can make the skin very sensitive and peel like B.P.<br/>Overall I've stayed quite clear and if I break out this clears it up overnight (with AHA in the day) but I don't expect to be breaking out at all post-accutane AND following a regimen.<br/>other reviews say that it takes several months to begin working so I'll rate it 3 stars for now but I will come back and edit it when I've given it a longer run.
Good for oily skin
on 25/01/2014
I have used this quite a few times and it is a nice formula and gets rid of that "fresh out the shower" tight feeling, however I have quite dry skin (post accutane) so this isn't moisturising enough to stop flakes etc.<br/>I think this will be my saviour in the summer where I usually get really oily. I still use this most days over the top of my normal lush moisturiser as it stops me getting oily in the day (due to the silicone content).<br/>Definitely suited to oily skin if you only have minor skin dehydration.