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on 22/11/2015
I have had clear skin since I started taking 320mg BID standardized (Vitamin world brand). It is amazing.
Thyme Tincture
on 14/09/2013
I make a tincture with thyme, and it has cleared with 6 total pumps of BP a day couldn't do! If you are interested check out my post where I talk all about it how ti works and how to make it. Username: thereisalwayshope. Link to post: [link edited out]
on 27/12/2012
The bottom-line is you want to really get rid of your acne devote 4-6 months to the strict instructions of the regimen and 99% of you will be clear. I had severe acne with about 60 big, deep, inflamed pimples all over my face. One months of using the regimen brought no results whatsoever, but on week five my skin lost 10-15 pimples a week till is become clear. It is hard to stick to the regimen and to stay completely committed, but if you do you will then reap the results of the best choice you have made in regards to you acne. You can also use this site to you advantage. Everyone here is willing to support you and help you through the struggles so you will never feel discouraged. If you want to see my pictures check them out, search my username is thereisalwayshope and see if the regimen is right for you.
on 06/10/2012
You should use this if you are looking for something cheap and will last you for months. You can also find it a your local drug store which is convenient.
on 06/10/2012
Make sure that you are consistent and use it every night and if you can use it every day as well. The more it is used the quicker you will see results! And you do not have to rinse it off your face, you can simply wear it under your moisturizer and also under your makeup if you are a girl that is.