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on 24/06/2012
I noticed an improvement within days of using pantothenic acid. I currently take 2 grams of pan acid a day, 1 gram with breakfast and 1 with dinner, along with a b-50 pill. Kal Pan makes a timed release version so that you only need to take two big pills a day, and this seems to work more consistently as well. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who is experiencing severely oily skin
on 24/06/2012
I can't say that this is the best option for those with persistent inflamed acne, but if you have large pores and severe comedonal acne like I do, this is a good thing to try. I use a .25 solution before bed on my t-zone only and have noticed that my blackheads are easier to wash away and I'm not getting bad whiteheads on the sides of my nose anymore. I also like that it has positive effects on aging skin.
on 24/06/2012
I recently switched to this after using Cetaphil for several months. I prefer Purpose because it's definitely non-comedogenic, (Cetaphil is pretty rich and not-oil free and I'm pretty convinced that it does actually clog my huge pores.) This will be the only cleanser I'll use from now on.