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on 03/04/2013
Everyone knows fish oil is a healthy supplement to take but I think it's overrated if someone says it can help acne,or mabye it does help other's skin , not mine.
on 03/04/2013
This is a great products for people who are looking into a heavy , night moisturizer.<br/>As for a day moisturizer I would not reccomend this is your using make up in the morning ,if your not ,then it's just fine.
on 03/04/2013
I do like the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleaser ,however the lotion is a mess in my opinion.
on 03/04/2013
Although I do have a small cons as I listed it's not a reason not to give this product 5 star because it deserves.
on 11/10/2012
I started using accutane (30 mg/day at first) on 22 June , after 18 days my face exploded into cystic acne, I had to stop and go on antibiotics and prednisone,after about 2-3 weeks of this , I re-take accutane on a 20 mg/day dose , after 1 week I took 40mg daily.<br/>Now my face is 95% zit-free witch is super nice , but altough my face feels smooth when I look in the mirror I see only red marks.<br/>My advice is , if you you want to take accutane prepare yourself for worse that begin hide in home for 2-3 mouths.<br/>I rated 4/5 only because of the inital brakeout.<br/>I'll update in a few mouths.