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AHA+ cured my bacne
on 06/08/2015
This stuff really works - here's my experience with it. I had persistent back acne that started up at about age 14, eventually becoming more severe, with cysts on my shoulders and light acne on my lower back and chest. I tried various body washes and scrubs that didn't have much of an effect, and briefly tried the AHA+/BP routine, but had to stop using it because the BP was bleaching my clothes.<br/>Finally about six months ago, still dealing with active acne and residual scarring all over my upper back, I decided to give the AHA+ another go. Although I only used it once every other day after showering (versus 2x a day as per the regimen), I quickly began to notice a difference in the texture of my skin. The change was slow - don't expect results overnight, or even in 2 weeks. However, eventually my active acne decreased dramatically, down to 2 or 3 spots instead of 20-30, and the scars began to fade. Fast forward to this summer and my back looks better than I ever thought it would, clear of acne and relatively smooth. I was even able to wear a bridesmaids dress in my friend's wedding - the first time in 7 or 8 years that I had been able to show my shoulders in public. While I don't consider myself "healed" of the internal causes of my acne, AHA has given me skin that I don't have to be embarrassed of, and I could not be happier with it. Thank you Dan!<br/>Tips for use: As a side note, AHA can be somewhat tricky to use, since it is a thick lotion and absorbs slowly. The routine that has worked best for me is to use Dan's cleanser in the shower to clear my pores, then gently towel dry and use a hairdryer on my back to get it as dry as possible. This helps the AHA absorb faster, since there's no water in your skin/pores. Then after applying about 2 pumps and rubbing it in gently, I use the hairdryer again for a few seconds to help speed along the drying process. After putting on AHA, I recommend wearing a shirt you don't care about, like an oversized T. It takes about an hour for the AHA to completely absorb, and it can leave a yellow residue on shirts.