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on 14/06/2012
This is a good option to use in combination with others. I definitely notice a difference when I am using it.
on 14/06/2012
This helped a little bit, but I just don't like taking medication that seems to be quite powerful.<br/>I've continued my quest and I am starting to get enthusiastic about GREEN TEA. It worked faster and better than this stuff.
on 14/06/2012
I did this in combination with treatments for dark spots. Worked great for dark spots and slowed down the acne for a while, but it came in as bad as ever shortly after.<br/>GREEN TEA is my new friend and I have high hopes for it!!
on 14/06/2012
Brings the acne to a head; can help with painful zits
on 14/06/2012
Good option; nothing to lose to give it a try.<br/>I am using this in combination with green tea as a drink, and am looking pretty good at the moment.
on 14/06/2012
I am a 40-something woman with hormonal acne. I stumbled onto these remarks about green tea. I have been unhappy about being prescribed hormonal medication with definite side effects and stopped taking it.<br/>All these reviews are NOT wrong! The tea does work! I was really quite surprised.<br/>I drank a lot of coffee. After reading about all the benefits of green tea (including the weight loss and the comment on Oprah that you could lose ten pounds in six weeks if you replace morning coffees with green tea), I decided to cut the coffee, too.<br/>As far as taste, green tea comes in many different varieties that are good! I bought a lot of the regular and will get some more flavors.<br/>In ONE DAY, I noticed a difference. I don't mean peaches and cream in ten seconds, but redness is definitely noticeably reduced. I have had a couple breakouts since I started this regime, but nothing compared to what I used to deal with. I'd probably have had about 8 explosions by now; instead I have had 2 small ones.<br/>I am drinking about 3 cups a day right now, more if I can. I use the tea bags a little bit on my face but have not really tried that much. I use caffeinated at work and decaf at home. I don't think you need the organic but some people prefer. I have bought the bottled tea that contains honey, too. Honestly, I'd start with the cheaper stuff before going for the expensive organics.<br/>It's been a week now. I had a few breakouts but nothing compared to what I used to deal with. The redness is majorly reduced. I'll have to see if I make it through a cycle and that dreaded PMS time looking this good.<br/>Remains to be seen if I will lose weight ,but I do notice a change in appetite. My diet isn't that bad so I am not changing it that much.<br/>This tea is my new medication. I am hoping to permanently ditch the medicine from the derm. And it's given me pause to think more about the wisdoms of herbal medicines.