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on 17/06/2012
I mix jojoba oil with Young Living brand lavender essential oil because they make quality medicinal grade oils. The extra expense is necessary if you want it to help. The good news for lavender is that it's one of those "when in doubt, use lavender" kind of things. That's why I call it a renaissance oil. I use it when I can't fall asleep, if I get a headache, on bug bites, or if I'm just in a bad mood.<br/>It's noticeably soothing and it helps with any redness. It's helped with the scarring as well. It works really well with cystic acne. I'll dab it on individual breakouts full strength if they need the extra treatment. Sometimes I'll mix it with rose oil because that is a super oil for the skin, but it's extremely expensive so I don't use it as often.<br/>If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.
on 17/06/2012
I use jojoba oil after I exfoliate in the shower. I mix a tiny bit of it with two drops of lavender essential oil (medicinal grade) and gently massage it into my face. I do this less in the summer when my skin isn't as dry.<br/>I love this oil because it blends right into the skin and it doesn't take much. I honestly don't know how much it prevents acne, but it helps with the inflammation because it's gentle and natural. It took me a long time to learn that a much simpler skincare routine is the best way to go. I used to look for that 'magic' product that would clear me up... and I never found it... on any drugstore shelf. In fact jojoba oil is really the only thing I use that comes in a bottle. I've been dealing with hormonal acne from coming off birth control, and only using natural products has given my skin the nutrients it needs to heal. Jojoba is a great oil, especially when mixed with essential oils. Rose, lavender, bergamot, and geranium are great oils that blend well with this as a base.<br/>If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin.
on 17/06/2012
I rinse and massage my face with pure water every night before going to bed. In the morning when I shower I use an organic all natural Ayurvedic flour to exfoliate my skin. I don't use soap and my skin is thanking me for it.<br/>Every acne sufferer makes the mistake of trying harsh products because we see acne as the enemy that needs to be killed. It's not, our bodies are trying to tell us something. And when our skin is in such a sensitive state using harsh products ultimately makes it worse! Just like how typical shampoos dry out and hurt our hair, these products are stripping our skin. It might sound counterintuitive, but it will actually prevent your skin from producing more oil---unlike after you've stripped it all off with toxic chemicals!<br/>Doing this has had the strongest effect on my skin quality. My breakouts are smaller, less red and don't last as long. It's not the only thing I do, but it's had the best effect. Give it some time, your skin might be greasier for a bit. Mine wasn't, but everyone is different.<br/>If you can't eat or drink it, don't put it on your skin.
on 17/06/2012
Turmeric has been used for many ailments in India forever. It's great to eat, and wonderful for your skin as well! I have a turmeric cream I put on my face at night and it helps with swelling a ton. I use a totally natural turmeric cream by Pratima that I rub onto my whole face, then dab individual breakouts. It isn't an overnight thing, it might take time, but it's worth it and your skin won't experience the side effects of using a harsh unnatural product over a long period of time.