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  1. Thinking of seeing Dr Chu...

    Quick question for you BloomBloom - how did you go about booking a consultation with Dr Chu? Did you go through the NHS?
  2. It's great to hear that Accutane is working so well for you stressed123! I'm at the beginning of my second month, and my skin is still breaking out at the moment. Still, nothing like the initial breakout I had when I tried antibiotics and BP 6 years ago. Interesting to hear your skin isn't dry - mine isn't either! I was expecting to have crazy dry skin and then it never happened. I'm also using Cetaphil face wash and lotion, it's so gentle.
  3. Accutane (23/Male)

    Glad to hear you got the increased dose you wanted. Let us know how it goes. A 30% relapse rate is pretty high but I guess it depends what's defined as a relapse. Although I really hope Roaccutane clears me for good I could live with a few SMALL hormonal breakouts now and again, but I imagine someone who's after perfection might count that as a relapse. For me it would still be a massive improvement. It was really nice that the dermatologist made the time to have that chat with you though. Yay for feeling positive!!
  4. Accutane and Restless Arm (Help PLEASE)

    You're on a pretty low dose at the moment so unless it's an allergic reaction (which I doubt it would be if it's taken two weeks to manifest) I think you should be ok. Juwalker is right though - you should probably see your dermatologist or GP just in case. One thought though: I had my most noticeable side effects so far on my second week of treatment when I was on just 30mg. I had muscle tightness over my ribs, itchy scalp, tingly skin, a weird feeling in my sinuses. All those side effects only lasted a few days tops and disappeared by the third week, except for the itchy scalp which I'm treating successfully with a moisturising product. So it could just be your body adjusting. The important thing is not to worry!! If you stress out about something it will often make it worse because you're focusing your attention on it.
  5. Clogged pores?

    If you've already tried a BHA, I would maybe try an AHA as well. Avoid physically exfoliating as this can irritate the skin. Otherwise, I'd recommend going to see a professional esthetician for a professional peel or possibly a dermatologist. Also, do you wear make up? Wearing make up can sometimes cause little skin coloured bumps due to blocked pores.
  6. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 30 So yesterday was the first day of week five and I'm now taking 50mg a day instead of 30mg. I don't have 10mg tablets though, so I'll have to alternate between 40mg and 60mg (which the nurse said is absolutely fine). If it goes ok I'm planning on shifting up to 60mg for the rest of my course. Skin update: still breaking out. I guess this could be my IB, but as I had a pretty bad stress/anxiety related breakout before I started it's hard to tell. My skin is still not dry, but I switched to using a rich, oil-free hydrating moisturiser when I first started Accutane, so it could be that my skin would otherwise be dry. It does sometimes feel tight towards the end of the day. Same with my lips - not dry, but sometimes a little tight. The moisturiser definitely seems to have improved my overall skin texture though - some of my scars are even less noticeable! Will do some form of product review later down the line, but I'm currently using Cetaphil gentle Cleanser, La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Rich during the day, and Cetaphil Lotion at night. Other side effects: Occasional aches or pains but nothing noteworthy or persistant. Scalp continues to be a little sensitive and dry, but I'm not losing any more than I would normally (it's completely normal to lose some hair day to day). Mood is way better than normal actually - although I worry about side effects and whether Roaccutane will work for me or not, in general I'm a lot happier. A quick word about exercise: I'm a pretty active person and I normally exercise around 3-4 times per week. Running, cycling, circuits, etc. So far I haven't noticed any significant muscle or joint pain, certainly no more than usual.
  7. Hi Heather - do you have any top tips for looking after your skin while on Roaccutante?
  8. Accutane (23/Male)

    Glad you're starting to see some progress! I have a question for you if that's alright: how did you deal with your initial breakout? I'm currently getting some painful and inflamed cysts and I'm just not sure what to do with them. Not that I ever knew what to do with them before Accutane either ... sigh
  9. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 25 So had my second appointment yesterday. I didn't see the dermatologist. Apparently here you only see the doctor for your first appointment, and then follow-up appointments are with a specialist nurse team. She seemed to know her stuff though. She was happy with my blood test and was satisfied that I was handling the drug well. Side effects are minimal at the moment. So she said she was happy to double my dose. I was a bit surprised because I didn't realise that the dosage would be put up so quickly but she said it should be fine, and if I wasn't comfortable with that I could take less. So I now have my prescription for 60mg a day (btw, I weigh 62kg). And considering that my acne has been getting gradually worse since I started Roaccutane, I well may just take the full dosage and get it over with. To save time, I had my bloods taken earlier in the week at my local GP practice - the dermatologist I saw at my first appointment said that I could do this and it would save me having to be tested at the treatment centre. The nurse said that I won't have to have my blood tested again for another three months. One thing the nurse really did stress was that I needed to be wearing a sunscreen with spf50. I've been using a moisturiser with spf20, but she said it's not enough, even if you're only outside for 10 minutes, even if it seems cloudy, spf50 is a must.

    Hmm, I also really like the Avene Cleanance moisturiser, but it's for oily skin rather than dry skin. It doesn't irritate though.
  11. I haven't really done anything. Still trying to treat my cystic acne so it's not really my first concern at the moment. I'm hoping that if I clear my acne the redness will follow suit.
  12. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 20 So at almost three weeks I haven't really got much to report. Acne has got a little worse, but otherwise no different. My face is less itchy than before, but it hasn't dried out like expected. Lips are dry-ish but not very dry. No dry skin on the rest of my body except my scalp. Dry, itchy scalp has been my one persistent side effect, but now that I'm avoiding shampoo and using a moisturising scalp treatment (Eucerin) it's mostly okay. I've been trying to avoid thinking or talking about my skin too much. I know patience is going to be really important over these next few months. However, going to see if I can get my dosage increased at my next appointment.
  13. Accutane journey-alex

    Thanks for updating us about your progress post-Accutane. Your skin looks great and you look really happy! Have you found that the side-effects fade away after three months?
  14. It's very hard to tell from the pictures. If it's some pigmentation left from acne it can take up to 6-8 months to fully fade, so if it's still there it could be something else. A product with retinol might help. If there's an actual physical indentation in the skin then it's likely a scar, in which case you will want to see a dermatologist.
  15. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 15 So spent much of yesterday googling my side effects and in the process found lots of horror stories about how Roaccutane ruined people's lives - thanks Internet. However, I do think some of these effects are exaggerated and some of the links seem tenuous. Also, when people argue that Accutane wasn't worth it I seriously think they underestimate how debilitating acne can be. The anxiety I had because of my acne and my scarring was making me lose my appetite, it was stopping me concentrating, it gave me a horrible tightness in my chest and left me apathetic about life. Luckily I only had this severely for a couple of weeks as I immediately sought help (I still get the occasional feeling of panic when I look in the mirror). In fact, starting Accutane was a big part of making me feel more in control. So in an effort to not freak out about Roaccutane side effects I've instead made up a strategy called 'Accutane or Anxiety??' Basically, the idea is that whenever I read about or encounter an Accutane side-effect (confirmed or claimed) I think about whether this side effect could also be caused by anxiety, had I done nothing about it. E.g. potential hair thinning or loss - common side effect of stress and anxiety; tightness in chest - common symptom of anxiety; IBS - can be triggered by stress and anxiety; nausea and dizziness - side effect of anxiety; loss of appetite - very common symptom of anxiety; muscle stiffness and joint pain - also a potential effect of anxiety. The lesson I've learnt from this is that the best thing I can do for myself is not to worry and take care of myself. Hey, I might even try yoga to help me relax. Also, it's important to understand the difference between correlation and causality. It's possible that acne may be caused by the conditions people then attribute as side effects to Roaccutane.

    That really sucks. I can't believe doctors are still handing antibiotics out when the research has shown how bad an idea it is. Accutane is usually the treatment of choice for Gram Negative Follicitis, but if you've already tried it it's probably not the best thing to be repeating. I have two suggestions. One, start taking a probiotic, whether a supplement or a food or both. Two, look into getting a "probiotic" facewash. Development with this idea is still ongoing, so an effective product could still be several years in the making. However there is a company called 'Mother Dirt' who make a facewash and moisturiser designed to help good bacteria on the skin. Steer clear of anti-bacterial face washes. I don't know if that will help but it's worth a try?
  17. [ACCUTANE] Rash or purge?

    Woo! Well I hope you manage to get it treated all right
  18. [ACCUTANE] Rash or purge?

    Hmm. Since I started Roaccutane I've got a few skin coloured bumps in the two patches adjacent to my nose too, but I don't have the intense blushing or hot feeling that you do. It could be purging. It could be something else. I would ask your dermatologist.
  19. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 14 So today seems to be side effect day. Here's what I've got so far: 1) Dry, itchy scalp (better after rubbing conditioner into my scalp while washing my hair, but still itchy) 2) Random itching on face (although has been better today than yesterday, tried a different moisturiser) 3) Dry lips - only noticed when I smiled and got the tiniest split on my bottom lip - ow! 4) My knuckles also seem a little dry but it's hard to tell 5) A slight tightness over my ribs, especially if I've had my arms raised over my head (e.g. when washing hair) I visited Boots when I started my Roaccutane course and one of the staff members was so helpful. She gave me a bag full of little samples I could try and I used some of them for the first time today: La Roche Posay Hydraphase Riche during the day - it did seem to help although my face was still itching by the end of the day. The breakout I had a few days ago continues to stick around. Literally, they're the same spots but they're just not budging. A few new ones too, slowly appearing. Urgh. Cystic acne is the worst. And I'm meant to be going out to dinner with friends tomorrow. Also I feel like all I talk about at the moment is my side effects. My friends must be absolutely sick of it, but if so they're very good at putting up with me. Seriously, I have awesome friends. But it's so hard to not think about it when it itches or hurts or whatever. Gonna make a rule not to mention it tomorrow. Thomas - good luck, I hope it works for you.
  20. [ACCUTANE] Rash or purge?

    I'm not an expert, and without a photo it's hard to tell, but I'm going to say that it sounds a little like rosacea: small bumps that resemble acne, facial redness, face feeling flushed or hot, especially in the centre part of the face. Don't worry though, it's not permanent and is probably the result of the higher dosage. You can buy products designed to treat this (La Roche Posay do a range of products specifically for this type of skin concern) but you may also want to talk to your dermatologist about reducing your dosage. Are you using a moisturiser?
  21. Accutane (23/Male)

    I know just how you feel when it comes to going to work with a face full of acne - it's feels like a real act of bravery just showing up and getting stuff done. Mentally it's just draining. I'm really nervous about the joint ache side effect. I'm a pretty active person and sport is really important to me. 80mg sounds a little high. I've heard too that higher doses tend to prevent relapse, but at 75kg I would have thought 70mg would be your absolute maximum.
  22. Before and After Transformation

    I gave up dairy for six months and it never really made a difference to my skin. Although now I'm too scared to eat it again in case it does break me out. However, soy products reliably break me out every time - I eat soy, the next day I have whiteheads and pustules on my chin. I'm really glad it worked for you, but I'm still looking for my solution.
  23. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 13 Gah!!! Why won't my face stop itching??!! It's driving my crazy. My skin doesn't look red or irritated, but it just itches in random spots every five minutes. I tried using a different moisturiser today but it made no difference. My skin does look a little drier, well it doesn't look as oily anyway, but I don't know whether that's the Roaccutane or the moisturiser. My lips are drier though. Have invested in several lip balms. Thanks dw75, glad to hear I'm not alone on the itchiness front. I agree, antibiotics are amazing things, but they're overused and they kill all the good bacteria as well as the bad. I only wish I'd tried Accutane instead and avoided all this awful scarring - though who knows what my initial breakout will be like! Thomas Deven - that's a ridiculous wait time!! You should have complained as I'm pretty sure that's beyond the maximum time limit for a referral. Why do you have to wait another 2 and a half months? I got my prescription on the day, I thought that was normal. Going private is seriously expensive, and there's probably less accountability. I think you're right to wait. I'm sorry to hear that your acne got so bad. I really do sympathise. My face was an inflamed, painful, blotchy, red mess for a good two-three months and it's left me with some pretty serious scars, not to mention the psychological damage. But it doesn't have to ruin your life if you don't let it. I've actually started seeing a counsellor and its been helpful to talk to someone impartial. I'm fed up of hearing people tell me 'it's not that bad, I barely notice it' or 'don't let it worry you, stay positive'. It is bad, it does worry me, and sometimes I need to voice those feelings and not be contradicted.
  24. Accutane/Absorica experience

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I've just started Roaccutane in the UK, and I'm on a pretty lose dose at the moment. Do you think a higher does is more effective? Have you finished taking Absorbica now?
  25. Spontaneous scarring

    Are you sure this is because of the Accutane? Last month I noticed some scars on my face. They seemed to appear out of nowhere considering my major cystic acne had started to clear about 5 months before. And more scars seemed to appear. They looked worse when I put moisturiser on, probably because they become shiny and the light reflects off them. I was horrified, I thought I'd managed to get through the cystic acne without major scarring, but then it just seemed to appear out of nowhere. And I hadn't been on Accutane. Maybe indented scarring just takes time to appear?