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  1. Thinking of seeing Dr Chu...

    You said in your other thread that you saw Dr Chu privately. How did you got about contacting him/arranging the consultation? And which hospital/clinic did you have the procedure in?
  2. At my wits end...

    Good luck!! I was terrified of taking Accutane, I put it off for years, but in the end I just couldn't deal with the acne anymore. It was destroying my mental health. I'm now two months in, and although I'm still going through some form of IB, I haven't really had any bad side effects. I know you hear alot of horror stories about it, but depression and anxiety have their own range of pretty awful side effects.
  3. Accutane (23/Male)

    Wow, your skin is looking so much better! And I'm assuming you still have a few months of the treatment to go, which bodes really well.
  4. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    Month One Photos: Plenty of active acne, but surrounding skin doesn't look too bad. Acne is a mix of papules, pustules, and cysts. Month Two Photos: Skin is more red and scarring is more noticeable, although some of this is down to the lighting. Left cheek still has quite a bit of active acne as well as spots that are healing or going down. Right cheek is clearer, but there's a nasty cyst on the cheekbone which has a small layer of antiseptic healing cream on it. There's also a couple of under the skin bumps which you can't really see, but are left over from the cysts from the previous month. I also have a huge double spot on my forehead which is really unusual, because I don't get spots on my forehead!! Skin is healing slower.
  5. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 53 Had my appointment at the dermatology centre yesterday. The nurse said she had hoped to see more progress, but said that sometimes the medication takes a little while to kick in for some people. One of my cheeks is mostly clear, though with a couple of small cyst-like spots high on the corner of my cheekbone, and a couple of 'bumps' that haven't made their mind up what to be. The other cheek has about 10 spots, some small pustules and other larger cyst-like spots. (I should probably take some photos at some point). The thing I've really noticed is that the spots are taking a much longer time to go away than usual - I'm assuming because the Roaccutane slows down skin cell turnover? She wasn't concerned at all with my headache and said it often happens when you increase the dose. She also proscribed some ointment for the stubborn itchy patch I have on my scalp. I'm now on 60mg each day. My headache is still ongoing, but it's not always there, and most of the time when it is it's not really noticeable. Just a vague uncomfortable feeling, like a headache might happen, rather than actual pain or ache. Sometimes it hurts, but never for more than a minute. I've had no changes in vision, which is the symptom you really do have to look out for. I have noticed that my eyes get more tired though - I'm a little short-sighted and although I can get by just fine without my glasses I am finding that I'm using them more. Thanks for the advice Stephen - I might try that! I do try and drink plenty of water before I go to bed, and normally some when I wake up in the middle of the night (which I've always seemed to do naturally most nights, although I fall back to sleep just fine). After my appointment I went to Boot s and completely splurged on moisturiser and haircare products. I'm going to do a product review for what I've used so far in my next post.
  6. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 44 So after talking to my mum and my doctor it looks like I may have a minor viral infection (house points to Juwalker!). My mum has been suffering from similar symptoms to me, and it was shortly after I went to visit her that we both started getting headaches. The GP today took a look at my throat and ears and apparently inside my ears is looking red and inflamed. It certainly felt sore when he stuck the ear tool (Otoscope I think it's called) in there! He also took a look at my eyes and saw nothing abnormal. He advised me to stop drinking coffee (I only drink one cup of coffee a day, but it's STRONG coffee, hehe) and any other caffeinated drinks for a bit, keep hydrated, and take Paracetamol. I'll probably double check with my dermatologist when I see them next week, but that's definitely put my mind at rest. Roaccutane is a serious medication. Although it's obviously counter-productive to stress out so much you make yourself worse, I think it's important to listen to your body and get things checked out if you're worried. Also, on another positive note, my skin seems to be looking less red over the last couple of days! Yay for not being a beetroot face!
  7. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 42 Thanks for all the support and positive encouragement - it really does help alot. I'm already taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement, as well as Evening Primrose Oil, and I regularly eat nuts. Maybe this is why my skin hasn't really become dry? That and the hydrating moisturiser I've been using since day one. The two bad spots have gone, but have been replaced by two new bad ones on the other side of my face - grrrr! Also have quite a few smaller spots around my chin. I've also been suffering from a really persistent headache recently. It's not particularly painful, more of an uncomfortable pressure, but I've had it on and off for almost a week now and that worries me. I've read about Roaccutane causing Inter-cranial Hypertension, and although the likelihood is low it's making me very anxious. I've booked an appointment with my GP on Thursday to talk to them about it and request that they run some tests. In the meantime I might take a couple of days off the Roaccutane, just to be safe.
  8. Thanks for all the advice! Obviously can't try all these suggestions at once, but may give a few of them a go.
  9. Considering Quitting - Need Encouragement

    If your face is just about clear, you could always try cutting down on the BP. If you worried about breaking out then try using it every other day and see how your skin gets on. If it works ok, you could even start using it every three days. Be gradual and don't change anything else in your regime. You won't know unless you try.
  10. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 37 Feeling very down at the moment. I'm now alternating between 40mg and 60mg, and if I have no bad reaction after two weeks I'm going to go up to 60mg for the rest of my course. So far, my skin still isn't dry, even worse, it has this terrible red, waxy shine to it. I don't think it's oily - it doesn't feel oily. After washing my face it's sometimes a bit sticky/tacky though. I've been googling it but can't find any reliable information about why my face is like this. Just have to hope it's a phase. Also, my scars are looking worse again. I guess this could be my skin thinning out and getting dehydrated maybe? I'm also still breaking out, though not majorly. Only have two really bad ones, and one of them is an old cyst flaring up again. My face just look really irritated and blotchy - but it's not itchy or sore or dry!! I don't understand at all. My lips continue to be a tiny bit dry and my scalp continues to be sensitive, but otherwise no side effects.
  11. Thinking of seeing Dr Chu...

    Quick question for you BloomBloom - how did you go about booking a consultation with Dr Chu? Did you go through the NHS?
  12. It's great to hear that Accutane is working so well for you stressed123! I'm at the beginning of my second month, and my skin is still breaking out at the moment. Still, nothing like the initial breakout I had when I tried antibiotics and BP 6 years ago. Interesting to hear your skin isn't dry - mine isn't either! I was expecting to have crazy dry skin and then it never happened. I'm also using Cetaphil face wash and lotion, it's so gentle.
  13. Accutane (23/Male)

    Glad to hear you got the increased dose you wanted. Let us know how it goes. A 30% relapse rate is pretty high but I guess it depends what's defined as a relapse. Although I really hope Roaccutane clears me for good I could live with a few SMALL hormonal breakouts now and again, but I imagine someone who's after perfection might count that as a relapse. For me it would still be a massive improvement. It was really nice that the dermatologist made the time to have that chat with you though. Yay for feeling positive!!
  14. Accutane and Restless Arm (Help PLEASE)

    You're on a pretty low dose at the moment so unless it's an allergic reaction (which I doubt it would be if it's taken two weeks to manifest) I think you should be ok. Juwalker is right though - you should probably see your dermatologist or GP just in case. One thought though: I had my most noticeable side effects so far on my second week of treatment when I was on just 30mg. I had muscle tightness over my ribs, itchy scalp, tingly skin, a weird feeling in my sinuses. All those side effects only lasted a few days tops and disappeared by the third week, except for the itchy scalp which I'm treating successfully with a moisturising product. So it could just be your body adjusting. The important thing is not to worry!! If you stress out about something it will often make it worse because you're focusing your attention on it.
  15. Clogged pores?

    If you've already tried a BHA, I would maybe try an AHA as well. Avoid physically exfoliating as this can irritate the skin. Otherwise, I'd recommend going to see a professional esthetician for a professional peel or possibly a dermatologist. Also, do you wear make up? Wearing make up can sometimes cause little skin coloured bumps due to blocked pores.
  16. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 30 So yesterday was the first day of week five and I'm now taking 50mg a day instead of 30mg. I don't have 10mg tablets though, so I'll have to alternate between 40mg and 60mg (which the nurse said is absolutely fine). If it goes ok I'm planning on shifting up to 60mg for the rest of my course. Skin update: still breaking out. I guess this could be my IB, but as I had a pretty bad stress/anxiety related breakout before I started it's hard to tell. My skin is still not dry, but I switched to using a rich, oil-free hydrating moisturiser when I first started Accutane, so it could be that my skin would otherwise be dry. It does sometimes feel tight towards the end of the day. Same with my lips - not dry, but sometimes a little tight. The moisturiser definitely seems to have improved my overall skin texture though - some of my scars are even less noticeable! Will do some form of product review later down the line, but I'm currently using Cetaphil gentle Cleanser, La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV Rich during the day, and Cetaphil Lotion at night. Other side effects: Occasional aches or pains but nothing noteworthy or persistant. Scalp continues to be a little sensitive and dry, but I'm not losing any more than I would normally (it's completely normal to lose some hair day to day). Mood is way better than normal actually - although I worry about side effects and whether Roaccutane will work for me or not, in general I'm a lot happier. A quick word about exercise: I'm a pretty active person and I normally exercise around 3-4 times per week. Running, cycling, circuits, etc. So far I haven't noticed any significant muscle or joint pain, certainly no more than usual.
  17. Hi Heather - do you have any top tips for looking after your skin while on Roaccutante?
  18. Accutane (23/Male)

    Glad you're starting to see some progress! I have a question for you if that's alright: how did you deal with your initial breakout? I'm currently getting some painful and inflamed cysts and I'm just not sure what to do with them. Not that I ever knew what to do with them before Accutane either ... sigh
  19. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 25 So had my second appointment yesterday. I didn't see the dermatologist. Apparently here you only see the doctor for your first appointment, and then follow-up appointments are with a specialist nurse team. She seemed to know her stuff though. She was happy with my blood test and was satisfied that I was handling the drug well. Side effects are minimal at the moment. So she said she was happy to double my dose. I was a bit surprised because I didn't realise that the dosage would be put up so quickly but she said it should be fine, and if I wasn't comfortable with that I could take less. So I now have my prescription for 60mg a day (btw, I weigh 62kg). And considering that my acne has been getting gradually worse since I started Roaccutane, I well may just take the full dosage and get it over with. To save time, I had my bloods taken earlier in the week at my local GP practice - the dermatologist I saw at my first appointment said that I could do this and it would save me having to be tested at the treatment centre. The nurse said that I won't have to have my blood tested again for another three months. One thing the nurse really did stress was that I needed to be wearing a sunscreen with spf50. I've been using a moisturiser with spf20, but she said it's not enough, even if you're only outside for 10 minutes, even if it seems cloudy, spf50 is a must.

    Hmm, I also really like the Avene Cleanance moisturiser, but it's for oily skin rather than dry skin. It doesn't irritate though.
  21. I haven't really done anything. Still trying to treat my cystic acne so it's not really my first concern at the moment. I'm hoping that if I clear my acne the redness will follow suit.
  22. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 20 So at almost three weeks I haven't really got much to report. Acne has got a little worse, but otherwise no different. My face is less itchy than before, but it hasn't dried out like expected. Lips are dry-ish but not very dry. No dry skin on the rest of my body except my scalp. Dry, itchy scalp has been my one persistent side effect, but now that I'm avoiding shampoo and using a moisturising scalp treatment (Eucerin) it's mostly okay. I've been trying to avoid thinking or talking about my skin too much. I know patience is going to be really important over these next few months. However, going to see if I can get my dosage increased at my next appointment.
  23. Accutane journey-alex

    Thanks for updating us about your progress post-Accutane. Your skin looks great and you look really happy! Have you found that the side-effects fade away after three months?
  24. It's very hard to tell from the pictures. If it's some pigmentation left from acne it can take up to 6-8 months to fully fade, so if it's still there it could be something else. A product with retinol might help. If there's an actual physical indentation in the skin then it's likely a scar, in which case you will want to see a dermatologist.
  25. Roaccutane on the NHS: A UK Blog

    DAY 15 So spent much of yesterday googling my side effects and in the process found lots of horror stories about how Roaccutane ruined people's lives - thanks Internet. However, I do think some of these effects are exaggerated and some of the links seem tenuous. Also, when people argue that Accutane wasn't worth it I seriously think they underestimate how debilitating acne can be. The anxiety I had because of my acne and my scarring was making me lose my appetite, it was stopping me concentrating, it gave me a horrible tightness in my chest and left me apathetic about life. Luckily I only had this severely for a couple of weeks as I immediately sought help (I still get the occasional feeling of panic when I look in the mirror). In fact, starting Accutane was a big part of making me feel more in control. So in an effort to not freak out about Roaccutane side effects I've instead made up a strategy called 'Accutane or Anxiety??' Basically, the idea is that whenever I read about or encounter an Accutane side-effect (confirmed or claimed) I think about whether this side effect could also be caused by anxiety, had I done nothing about it. E.g. potential hair thinning or loss - common side effect of stress and anxiety; tightness in chest - common symptom of anxiety; IBS - can be triggered by stress and anxiety; nausea and dizziness - side effect of anxiety; loss of appetite - very common symptom of anxiety; muscle stiffness and joint pain - also a potential effect of anxiety. The lesson I've learnt from this is that the best thing I can do for myself is not to worry and take care of myself. Hey, I might even try yoga to help me relax. Also, it's important to understand the difference between correlation and causality. It's possible that acne may be caused by the conditions people then attribute as side effects to Roaccutane.