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on 16/01/2013
I use 6 drops of jojoba oil in my moisturiser morning and night. I use a little around my eyes and even on my lips. I love this stuff. I have even started using it as a body moisturiser when I come out of the shower. This stuff really took away the hard feeling tightness of my skin early in the regim and now allows me to use full BP dosage with comfort. Highly reccomend. Ps. I was very nervous about putting oil on my skin but this is the best skin product i have ever used. I live in Ireland so I use Holland and Barrets brand of oil. I have combined it with simple's oil free wash and moisturiser and my skin is completely spot free and my red marks are healing quickly. My face was quite bad at the start of Jan and honetly this routine has changed my life. I started using panoxyl BP because it was easily available at boots chemists. It was then discontinued and i was forced to by Dan's I was very nervous about switching but can honestly say Dan's is much better. Way less harsh on skin and does the job just aswell with less flakey skin.