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on 18/06/2012
I basically tried this out for a week....yeah I know thats not long enough but still. I got really tired with keeping up w/ taking so many pills. And a lot of times it would make me tired and dizzy. Sometimes even too tired to stand up. Plus, it would've costed me a lot to continue on the pills. I took 5 or 10 grams a day and a whole bottle of 250 pills wouldn't have even lasted me 2 weeks.
on 18/06/2012
I bought this moisturizer to try on my face. It says for dry to normal skin. I have oily skin but i decided to use it anyway. I didn't break out or anything but bad mistake -__-<br/>I wouldn't recommend it for someone with oily skin because it just makes your skin look more greasy and oilier. However, my body itself usually does get dry so I saved it and now use it for my body. Works really well and keeps me moisturized through out the whole day and gives me soft skin.