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Not good for acne prone skin
on 27/07/2015
As an adult I rarely have any acneanymore. I started adding a couple drops of jojoba oil to my moisturizers, I even tried using it plain, and I mixed it with aloe vera gel to see if that would work. Regardless of what I tried I constantly was breaking out. I used it for two months to give it a thorough try. As soon as I stopped using it my acne cleared up. I've researched it some more and there are better oils to use, like hemp oil. Look up the comodegenic rating of an oil before you start putting it on your face. [link edited out] removed]
on 06/06/2012
I steamed my face about once a week for a month or two because it would clear up my skin really good for a few days. But I noticed that I would get 1 cystic acne spot a few days later every single time. And they were huge and horribly painful. Once I stopped steaming, I stopped getting a cystic acne spot weekly.