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on 31/05/2012
Not recommended unless you have very severe acne and very oily skin
on 31/05/2012
Not a bad product, just too drying for me.
on 31/05/2012
I bought this a year ago hoping it's work for me. The kit together was rubbish! Perhaps if used separately over a long period of time it's work. However, it just was really drying and made my acne around jaw and chin worse. Made my skin look dry and unhealthy and red and chalky and old and awful!
on 31/05/2012
Not a very good product. I don't recommend.
on 31/05/2012
Doesn't work for many people and it is expensive. Worked for the first 2 weeks then caused itching, peeling, bad post acne marks, severe breakouts, redness, and dry skin. Ive used it twice in my life: once when I was 13r, once when I was 16. Failed both times