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on 26/06/2012
Occasionally I get super red flaky skin on the skin under my eyes. I use Vaseline on my dry skin overnight and by morning it's literally gone! I use this regularly during winter too to prevent more dry skin. It's inexpensive and I love it.
on 21/06/2012
I found the 10% BP strength cream worked much better than the 2.5% or the 5%. I used this product religiously for nearly five years and loved it. Doesn't clear your skin but definitely helps to minimize the appearance of cystic acne.
on 21/06/2012
Picked up this little magic-worker after reading so many reviews on it and SO glad I did! I have oily skin but I get really flaky skin around my mouth and eyes of a morning after I wake up, so I wanted a good moisturizer that would counteract that. I got For Dry to Extremely Dry and it has worked wonders.
on 09/06/2012
I loved this foundation and the shade I had. I have since switched foundations because I ran out and buying it as a stand-alone foundation was upwards of $35. I think the coverage was fantastic to hide my blackheads, acne marks and my underground pimples. Because of my oily skin, it did come off when blotting, but I would just use a primer beforehand.<br/>Definitely recommend.
on 29/05/2012
I saw Proactive as my "wonder product". I expected it to be my last step in treating acne. It wasn't. Whilst I saw a dramatic improvement in my skin after about 8-9 weeks, it pretty much stopped its "wonder" there. My skin wasn't clear, I still had breakouts, and when I had them they were big, red and much, much worse than they used to be. I used Proactive for 8 months and I was sadly disappointed.<br/>The only product I would recommend is the Green Tea Moisturizer, but only because I found it soothing. Their prices are extreme ($60 for 50ml moisturizer) and off-putting.<br/>I wouldn't recommend at all. So disappointed.