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on 20/05/2012
better of walking into a store and buying a gentle wash i would never recommend this to anyone waste of my money and time
on 20/05/2012
I am 24 years old had acne since 13ish i have tried every wash and cream under the sun during teen years i wasnt allowed to use perscriptions as my mother was cautious about side affects.. when i was 18-20 my acne actually cleared up ok, just a few spots around menstuation time but the last two years have been awful terrible cystic acne on my chin and back constantly leaving red marks inbetween the time they came and went i went to my dr's and he perscribed doxy i didnt hold high hopes the first week was hell my skin broke out worse than ever before i counted 17 cystic pimples on my back two on my temple and all along hairline i was mortified to go to work but stuck it out..i also used cetaphil wash and 5% benzyl and peroxide cream didnt pop just total left it alone and the last 2 mornings i have woken up not one pimple on my face or back!!!!! i still have red spots but i can now just focus on them instead of the vicious cycle of treating scars then have breakouts so on so on!<br/>my advice: take with food!!! otherwise you will feel ill, i also took 2 panadol day and night to fight of headache.<br/>good luck i pray this works for you too!