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on 07/06/2012
I had read good reviews for this and was swayed by the cheap price - I paid £1.30 + £1.30 p&p! I was wary of buying something that isn't really targeted at the UK market but I researched the product before buying online. I wash my face with the 'baby mild' liquid castile soap before applying and the first thing that hits you is the burning sensation - 5 whole minutes of it! It says you can dilute it with vaseline but I can't use that on my face. It contains acid and that's exactly what it feels like at first then it turns into a cooling sensation (from the menthol).<br/>I've only been using this a few weeks, and some days I don't use it in the morning. It does help to reduce my pimples, but this is a slow process for me - it seemed to really help the pus-filled spots a lot quicker than the small bumpy spots! One night after removing my makeup I had a new spot with a white head at the corner of my nose, I applied this and the next morning the spot had gone. Some spots it removed but left the red pigmentation and there's some spots it hasn't reduced at all after wearing it morning and night. I'm happy with what it has done so far.<br/>It's worth it for the price, like any spot treatment results vary from person to person so you have nothing to lose in trying it. The reason I marked it 3/5 is because of the cons I listed.