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A must try!
on 20/11/2013
Amazing product, so far!<br/>A little about me, I've had acne, pimples and spots since puberty and very oily skin. I've been on many types of medicated face washes, creams, antibiotics, and even Roaccutane. I have also tried many many natural remedies with no success only Roaccutane worked for a little while. Which I found amazing, it got rid of my oily skin, which it turn got rid of the spots. Unfortunately when I finished the course the oil came back and then so did the spots. :-(. <br/>After reading many many reviews on MUA I have decided to try Bentonite clay masks with apple cider vinegar. I purchased the clay from eBay 250g for £2.75 (free postage). I tried the first one on Sunday, I use a plastic bowl and plastic brush (hair dying kit) to mix and apply. Which I apply in two thin coates. The mask really smells and makes my eyes water and I get the tingling and pulsating sensation (people have mentioned) apply on my face, neck and chest. I manned up, a little discomfort will not kill me, lol. Current skin condition is oily and I have small spots all over my face and a few deep and painful spots.<br/>The mask dries very well and tight, someone mentioned the fish lips lol, which I definitely get. I kept it on for 30 to 40 minutes, I wash off by wettig the mask then rubbing off in circular motions to exfoliate. My skin is very red afterwards.<br/>I then pat my face dry and I think it is very important to use a good and heavy moisturiser as this mask is very drying (even) for my oily skin. The following day I had really soft and smooth skin despite the spots I currently have and no oil! :-). <br/>Overall I have done the mask twice in one week. It's too soon to say weather it's helping the spots but my oil and spots dried up for a day and skin felt amazing. I will be buying when I run out, if you have similar skin to mine (oily and spot prone) you should try it. X
Not seen a benefit, it may work for you
on 17/07/2013
I've had all types of spots and very oily skin since I was 12, I have also tried many over the counter and prescription treatments nothing worked as well as Roaccutane. I just want something to work hence the trying of new things. But I guess we are all different and react in different ways. So far my skin has not been very cooperative. lol.<br/>I take 1 tablet of 15mg zinc twice a day. I've always had strong nails and long shiney thick hair, so I can't really see a differnce. I've been taking this amount of zinc for over a year. I may do a test and see what happens if I stop taking Zinc for one month. And I'll update.
It worked, wish the treatment lasted longer!
on 17/07/2013
I've always had spots and oily skin, since I was 12 years old. I was put on many oral and topical prescriptions and nothing worked. I live in the UK so got the treatment on NHS, I paid £7.65 for each prescription for which I got 2 months supply of Roaccutane. I took 20mg twice a day for six months, from september 2012 to march 2013.<br/>I had to be reffered by my GP, I saw the Derm every 2 months, I had to have a pregnacy test every month so that I could get my next months supply. I also had to have blood tests every 2 months. I loved the effects of the treatment, the oil dried up within a month the spots/cysts took longer to go. I had wasted so much time in head on worrying about the oil and the spots on my skin. It was amazing to be so confident and not ashamed of my face and skin and not to have to blot my skin every chance I got.<br/>I'm disappointed however in the fact that for me the effects wore off very quickly, I got the oil back within 3 weeks of ending treatment and the spots soon followed, they are currently around my hair line and chin. The spots are growing up my face I also have a couple on my chest, no cysts yet.<br/>I told myself during treatment that my DNA will out, I should have tried harder to engrain that in brain so that I would'nt be disappointed that my skin bounced back to what it was before. So to everyone else, popping a pill for a few months will not change your DNA, it is what is.