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on 14/05/2012
I thought initially this was a wonder product. I was prescribed Oxyteracycline and started to take two tablets twice a day. After a while I noticed my mild acne had calmed down and my skin was controllable. For about six monhs I was amazed at how well they had worked on my skin. But it wasn't till a couple of weeks ago the antibiotics lost effectiveness and I started to break out and my skin was left in a state much worse than it ever was. I am still struggling to control the awful cysts (which in the past I've never had) Unless you want nice skin for a few months and are then prepared to have awful skin afterwards I dont recommend this, although it may work better for others, other reviews imply not. I did speak to my doctor and apparantly they do just stop working most of the time!<br/>I recommend looking into something else!