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Antibiotics are the devil and set me up for an acne disaster. Go natural to get clear!
on 09/07/2014
I've struggled with moderate acne off and on for years. I've tried everything - proactiv (worked for a few years), laser treatments, chemical peels, minocycline, doxycycline, basically I've been around the acne/skin care block! I have an old review that is fairly positive on doxy. It worked. I cleared up. My skin got worse and then I started taking a double dose. I was on antiobiotics fairly daily for about two years and I was fairly pleased with the results.<br/>Then I got pregnant. And I wasn't able to take doxy anymore.<br/>Skin was great until my third trimester when I started getting bumps all over my chin and down my neck. I was reacting to everything I put on my skin. The doctors said it would get better once the baby was born. It didn't. It got a MILLION TIMES WORSE. I developed dozens of painful cystic/almost rash like acne all around my mouth and all over my chin. It was attributable to breastfeeding hormones. For pictures check out [link removed].<br/>I've now cleared up my skin by ditching the antiobiotics completely (my doctor put me on tetracycline for the latest blow up but I couldn't fill the prescription), and going the natural and holistic route. Candida cleanses and anti-fungals are my new best friend and after a few months of clean eating, a few week long candida cleanses, taking fermented cod liver oil and drinking fresh milk kefir like it's going out of style, I have beautiful, glowing skin with minimal breakouts. As I have the best skin when I'm limiting my sugar intake and doing full blown candida cleanses, I'm convinced antibiotics destroyed all of my good gut bacteria that yeast and my hormones/liver started wreaking havoc on my skin. Please, throw out the doxy and find a naturopath to help heal your gut and get some good bacteria growing. You will not regret it. It isn't an easy fix going the natural/diet and skincare route, but it will give you beautiful skin in the long run and help you gain control over your skin and life. Heal yourself from the inside.
on 02/05/2012
So I read countless reviews and bought into the hype surrounding the Clarisonic Mia. I was so excited to use this product! After about 5 days of nightly use my skin broke out with the most painful cystic acne I've experienced in recent memory. I continued to use the Mia for about another week and a half, alternating every night and staying away from any active pimples. (FYI - I would first remove my makeup with a sensitive cleansing cloth, then gently apply my Obaji gentle cleanser to my face and use the Mia for 1 min, following instructions).<br/>I returned it to Sephora after three weeks. My skin is finally calming down after about a month of hell. I have moderate adult-acne (hormonal) along my jaw and around my mouth. According to my derm my skin is very sensitive. I'm 28 and taking doxycyline.<br/>I cannot stress enough that this product does NOT work on acne prone, sensitive skin. You will break out badly. And we're not talking tiny pimples like purging from antibiotic treatment and other meds. We're talking huge, under the skin, painful bumps. It is too irritating for sensitive skin. I think the reviews that expound on the excellence of the Mia are from women with already clear and decent skin. I must admit it does reduce fine lines, probably from increased blood circulation. My skin was so puffy and swollen from the acne outbreak, though, that I started taking Advil regularly to reduce the swelling. (something I've never had to do before).<br/>There are other ways to exfoliate (chemical peels, glycolic acid creams) which I advise you to use over this. If you do purchase, please be sure to purchase from a retailer with a good return policy (e.g. Sephora) and consult with your dermatologist first.<br/>I'm now on a higher dosage of doxycyline (100mg 2X daily) and am turning to chemical peels and laser genesis to reduce acne scarring. I have no active pimples as of yesterday. I purchased the Mia on April 3.