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  1. Complete Accutane Journey & Tips

    ^ yeah you hit the nail on the head there. It's funny for me to read that because that was 100% exactly my thought process as I started Accutane. My justification was that the long term side effects were not so prevalent, and you had to be quite unlucky to be affected like the horror stories you read on the internet. And maybe that's true. Maybe the actual chance of experiencing bad long-term side effects is somewhere in the 5-10% range, but that's still a big chance to take when you consider the damage that could be done. It's been six years now since I've taken Accutane, and I can honestly say I wish I did not take it. It's really not worth the potential serious long-term side effects unless you truly have a bad case of chronic cystic acne. In terms of my side effects now...I can't wear contacts anymore because my eyes are too dry, I have two stomach ulcers, I drink water all day and yet always feel dry and dehydrated (which prior to Accutane I never felt in my life), my hair is always dry and dramatically thinning after having very full hair my whole life and no baldness in the family at all...this shit has honestly dried me out. So yeah... to anyone considering Accutane out there, just be aware and read up how it actually works, it's pretty scary stuff. Know what you're getting into, and make a fully informed decision. It's a very very serious drug, and nothing to play around with.