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on 22/04/2012
I find this works on body scars, but not face.<br/>At all.<br/>Save yo cash
on 22/04/2012
I think I'll always advocate for this foundation- It's amazing.<br/>I don't think it directly clears skin, but it definitely doesn't irritate it. Once, my purse got stolen and I lost my bottle of this (I cried) so I had to use a cheap back-up drugstore foundation- and I found that it actually did make my skin worse. So I began to truly appreciate Clinique!<br/>I read an earlier review that this stuff only lasts 3 hours at most...I actually don't agree at all. It lasts me 7am until 9pm, flawlessly. Once, I even wore it to school all day, then to a party at night, then a sleepover, and then a 7-hour work shift the next morning. No touchups. (I don't recommend doing that or anything- just a busy weekend)<br/>I tried wearing it while surfing....the<br/>I own Even Better and Redness Solutions also by Clinique, but they're neglected in my makeup cabinet. I just love Acne Solution's matte finish and full coverage- no shiny-ness whatsoever.<br/>Yeaaah it's expensive, especially in Canada (or anywhere other than the US) but it's SO worth it.
on 22/04/2012
I've been through everything...home treatments like tea/honey/lemon juice to expensive serums and even v-beam.<br/>But nothing has been as effective on stubborn red marks than my 50% lactic acid peel.<br/>It does take a while, but you'll notice a satisfying improvement after a month. Your skin even glows a little bit.<br/>They advise you to use this once a week....but I use it every other day :D It was working for me until i left it on for over 10 minutes (bad) and i burnt my skin off, leaving it red and flaky and scaly for over a week.<br/>I use this as a spot treatments on red marks that i've had for over 2 years. (sad sad life hahahahaha)<br/>I don't recommend using it on open skin (it'll bleed instantly) or even on current acne. Just red marks/scars.<br/>Good luck on your journeys!