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on 24/04/2012
this product never fully cleared my face, but it definitely helped keep it under control for about two months. after two months my face just became immune to it the same way proactiv did. fail...not worth the price paid. baking soda works better than this! and its like 99cents
on 17/04/2012
bottom line, this product did not clear my face, made it worse, and I even used it for awhile /:
on 17/04/2012
the best! Try it, it will not make you break out, and it covers!
on 17/04/2012
Try it, you have nothing to lose! If anything, it will decrease the number of pimples you have! go buy it. I love this wash. It never lets me down.
on 17/04/2012
the only body wash that has ever cleared my back and chest. I am so happy. Buy the scrub one though, it comes in a wash with no beads but get the one with beads! the scrub! its amazing. it will clear your body! Use it everyday
on 17/04/2012
I really like this powder! If you apply it right, it will not look cakey :) Makes skin tone very even and pretty. I have had a few breakouts with this powder, but most of the time it wont break me out.
on 17/04/2012
try it! you will feel refreshed and it is not that expensive! helps keep me clear. apply with cotton ball after you wash your face.
on 17/04/2012
I like these I've only used them twice, I am giving them a few more chances to see if they reduce the size of my pores, if not, on to the next product!
on 17/04/2012
Overall you couldn't go wrong buying this! My face always looks shiny I haven't found the right product to help that! but this is a great face scrub that helps clear! I really like this one