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  2. 4 minutes ago, Amp2695 said:

    its hard to tell of the progress from these pics but i do understand that in person they are probably way better. How much % would you say you got? 

    In this lighting condition (dark room + spotlight LED) little to no improvement. The problem with this lighting in my opinion is a shallow scar casts a deep shadow, just like a deep scar. 

    In other lighting conditions like @ work in the bathroom (florescent), huge improvement - I was ecstatic after looking at it recently. I wish there was a better way to measure scar depth and size for the layman.
  3. Got pictures today. Had Sculptra 1 vial 5 - 6 weeks ago + 0.3 vials HA filler placed in temples.

    I don't like these pictures but I do like the progress I see in the mirror. Still a long way to go.


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  5. On 6/4/2018 at 3:14 PM, Amp2695 said:


    Experience with Infini:
    Final downtime was about 10 days, back out in public after several days. ~ 2 weeks later it seemed like many of the scars were more sunken in. Since then my skin has restored back to normal.

    Temple improvement not as good as I originally saw - unfortunately it may have been long term swelling. Subcision bruise right side hasn't healed yet - still see a tint with a camera picture. Left side still has a brown mark from a subcision incision point. 

    Overall I like the direction my skin is headed in. On my left side, I think sculptra and a few peels/cross for texture will achieve my desired results (large shallow pitting/volume loss + terrible texture).  On my right side I need to figure out how to fill those pits in. Subcision/suction helped significantly on the cheeks, the jaw/neck area, but not so much on the temples nor areas close to the mouth. Some scars have changed shape but visually do not look any better. Texture is slightly better but needs work. It's hard to gauge as some days the skin just looks worse than other days. I'm not sure the improvement is substantial enough that it'll show up on camera. Will see how the skin builds over the following months.

    I'll update again in several months. Plan is to get sculptra, subcision + filler (right side only), RF needling, cross in no particular order but will start with a session of sculptra next week. I'm done with subcision/suction and will opt for HA filler instead; this will likely be my last subcision.


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