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on 25/08/2012
This is the most wonderful cleanser ever. You can really lather it and it feels so nice on your skin and leaves it thoroughly clean without messing with the pH of your sensitive facial skin. Love and could not live without it. I always come back to this. Definitely helped me keep my face clear.
on 15/07/2012
I decided to purchase Fit Me because I tried L'Oreal's True Match foundation and I really liked it but heard great things about this one too and decided to compare.<br/>There is no comparison, this stuff stinks.<br/>Bottom line.. don't waste your money.<br/>The concealer for this line is pretty nice though if you're looking for coverage.<br/>The only time I use this stuff is to mix in with a different, good coveraged foundation to make a color that better suits me. The color greatly matches my olive skin tone.
on 05/07/2012
If you've never tried this then you've never truly felt your face as clean as it can be. I have extremely oily skin and this stuff made it seem way less oily even after a couple of days.<br/>I don't know how some people can use this super often but I do like it occasionally. Maybe once every couple weeks or so. I like honey and lemon masks every couple days because it's not as irritating. I don't know if I would try this if you're on the regimen either. It's pretty harsh.
on 19/05/2012
I heard SO many great reviews on Ulta's website about this mask and let me tell you it definitely exceeded my expectations. Very wonderful face mask, especially after steaming your face. DEFINITELY worth a try. :)
on 10/05/2012
Seriously if you're using that heavy Cetaphil or other BS moisturizers.. try this one! It smells nice, feels nice, and is honestly the best face lotion I have ever used. And I'm quite a critic. And it's seriously the greatest value.
on 26/04/2012
Nothing that appears to help at all. Yes all skin is different but my friends and I both never saw any reductions in pimple size, color, or texture of skin.<br/>I religiously used these products for about 3-4 months and actually got comments on how my skin actually looked WORSE.<br/>Do not use this.