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on 19/02/2013
This is for reviewing green tea as a topical: Using green tea topically didn't really help me. I purchased Organic 100% matcha green tea from Whole Foods and applied a tablespoon of fresh brew everyday for approx 3 weeks.<br/>After the first week, my eyes became really puffy, so I was careful not to get green tea in my eyes.<br/>After the 2nd week, I noticed parts of my cheeks are temple were getting increasingly red and irritated. Near the end of the 2nd week, I discontinued use due to the increasing irritation and the appearance of dead skin around my temple. During this entire experiment my acne worsened slightly.
on 28/07/2012
I used to get these clogged pores all over my cheeks and temples that would result in scar-forming acne. I also had a thick formation of blackheads on my nose that would become infected and turn into whiteheads.<br/>This is the only product that has cleared my pores and prevented this type of acne.<br/>When I first started applying Finacea, I immediately noticed reduced inflammation on my active acne. Thereafter I applied Finacea twice/daily after washing my face. I also applied moisturizer 5-10 minutes after applying Finacea. It took about 4 weeks before I was happy with the result - now my skin is smooth and bump-free.<br/>I ordered my Finacea from an online Australian pharmacy (which doesn't require prescription) for about $25.<br/>Note: I still suffer the occasional whitehead from shaving, as I don't think Finacea is as effective at preventing this type of acne.