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on 11/04/2012
I recommend this to everyone! This is the best foundation I've ever tried. I LOVE it. It's the only foundation that has ever had a perfect match for my fair skin tone. I never thought it was possible!<br/>It gives your skin, a smooth, soft, airbrush finish. Your skin looks silky and glowing, yet still matte. Your skin looks soft and moisturized, yet not shiny. Minimizes pores. Perfect, it looks soo nice! (I do put powder on my oily areas though, to give a perfect finish, and make the foundation last.)<br/>The natural ingredients are actually healthy for you skin, and will not make you breakout in your oily areas. And it makes the dry areas look softer, and less dry. Perfect for dry and oily/acne prone skin.<br/>The coverage is actually pretty good, but I still need a little concealer for my really red areas.<br/>I apply this with a sponge (which I wash frequently, as to prevent bacteria). Then I put on concealer. Then powder.<br/>And just a note, make sure you wash your hands before applying makeup. If there's bacteria and junk on your hands, it will cause more acne.
on 10/04/2012
This stuff DOES cause breakouts. When you wear it, it oxidizes on your skin, and looks terrible- you can definitely see it on your face, and it doesn't look good. I can't express how nasty and awful it looks. Check a public mirror- you'll be horrified. Plus, it makes your skin look dull, DRY and OLD. Emphasizes pores. And it emphasizes the crap out of dry, flakey, or peeling skin. very gross. Plus, it feels really thick and gross going on. And of course, the packaging is terrible.<br/>Bottom line, makes skin look 10x nastier and worse than no make up at all.
on 08/04/2012
I love this stuff. It's like the only lotion I can use on my face without fear of breakouts! In fact, it REDUCES them. It's an exfoliant, so it actually purges your pores of gross junk, and unclogs them, instead of clogging them. Within a week or two of using this on my face, my acne had reduced a good deal.<br/>My T-zone is really oily, and that's where I get breakouts. But my cheeks and nostrils are normally really dry and flakey with weird dry patches. Couldn't wear makeup without it emphasizing the dryness and flakes. BUT I use the AmLactin on my dry skin too, and the dryness/flakiness is completely gone too! It's amazing.<br/>Also, you can use this stuff for your chest, back, bottom, and other places you get breakouts, and it reduces them there too! And you have nice soft smooth skin.<br/>Also, It's great for anywhere on your body you have dryness or flakey skin. Definitely improved the icky skin on my feet. And of course gets rid of the weird red bumpls ppl get on the side of their arms.<br/>And another thing. It's amazing to use after shaving "down there." Slather a bunch of this on after you shave. and It will prevent razor bumps, and get rid of the ones you already have. It like pops the little hair out of the infected follicle, and it clears right up. And leaves the whole area very soft and smooth.<br/>So all around, it's a miracle lotion. Idk what I would do without it. Just a note, you may not need to use it on your face too frequently, incase of over-exfoliating. Especially if you already use harsh acne products that also exfoliate. Once a day at most.
on 08/04/2012
I normally use another salicylic acid moisturizer that I really like, but decided to try this instead. BAD IDEA. This didn't help reduce breakouts, in fact, I think it may have caused more!!<br/>I tried this product a few times, and I broke out shortly thereafter. without fail, every time. wtf. I think it's because of the heavy fragrance they put in. That's not cool.<br/>It also makes your skin feel very greasy, unlike similar products i've used. Bottom line, this stuff SUCKS. There are better salicylic moisturizers out there. Get one WITHOUT added Fragrence