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on 27/10/2012
I have used Retin-Am Micro Gel 0.1% for two months. Before that I used Tazorac Cream 0.05% for four months. Both are prescription retinoids. As with any retinoid, your skin will look worse for about two months, on average. There is no point in writing a review during this time because your skin is not supposed to look good. You just have to be patient and let the medicine do its thing. Your skin will turn red, hurt, flake, peel, itch, and develop lots of bad pimples. This is all part of the process. You can minimize this by starting slowly - only apply the medicine every second or third day for a few weeks, and slowly work your way up to every night. Use a good moisturizer (with Retin-A Micro, you cannot use the moisturizer at the same time as the medicine) and many people will also need something to kill bacteria to help reduce the breakouts at the beginning. I hate antibiotics because they always stop working, so I used benzoyl peroxide 2.5% in the morning and the medicine in the evening.<br/>Tazorac was great, and gave me really smooth, glowing skin that was not red at all, but it didn't kill all the pimples, and even after four months, I still had one nodule at any time. My doctor switched me to the Retin-A Micro, and that got me completely clear. I have zero pimples. Zero. My skin is perfectly clear and I don't need makeup at all. The only drawback is that I am slightly pink, unlike with the Tazorac, which made me totally white, but I have grown to like that bit of color and choose not to wear foundation as it kills the rosy glow.<br/>It also smooths wrinkles, which is nice as I am 34 and vain as ever. You can see it working - anywhere on your face that there are old acne scars will peel more, as though the medicine somehow can target those damaged areas and peel them away.<br/>I do use SPF 30 every day to prevent sun damage, and a good moisturizer in the morning. I highly recommend this product to anyone who can be patient and wants
on 05/04/2012
The MATTE version is great makeup for the acne prone. It is easy to cover up just your active pimples or the whole face if you want. At night, I use this just on any red pimples so that I don't scare my husband or kids; I do a full-face application during the day. Lots of shades and places to try them so no excuse to not have a perfect match. I do NOT like the full-coverage kabuki-style brushes as they make it go on too heavy, but you may like that if your skin is worse than mine. Definitely get a concealer brush to add more coverage to big pimples. You can skip the separate concealer and everything else that they try to sell you on. To be clear, the MATTE version has no bismuth and is not irritating. I have tried their primer and it works well, but I find that just my sunscreen is fine as a primer.
on 05/04/2012
This is great stuff. I use it morning and night after my BPO. It completely controls the flakiness, though you might need to use it several times a day if you are just starting out on the regimen. I can use it around my eyes with no irritation. Sinks in quickly. I can actually apply it over makeup if I develop a flaky area during the day - I just pat a bit on and in a few minutes, it has soaked in without disturbing my makeup.
on 05/04/2012
I bought this to have on hand while transitioning back to using BPO. It really cleans well but doesn't dry my skin at all, which is good when you are in the tomato red phase of the regimen. It's also nice in the winter. It removes makeup surprisingly well.
on 05/04/2012
This is an antibiotic, and like all antibiotics, the bacteria in your skin will become used to it. It will clear up pustules in a very short time, but you better have another treatment started, too, because this will stop working. I would recommend saving this for when you start something else like topical retinoids - this would do well to control the pustules that will come up at first, and by the time this stops working, the retinoid should be working well. After several years off it, it will work again because you will have a new spectrum of bacteria on your face, but I find that the "effective time period" shortens with each course of therapy. The first time I used it, it worked for about 6 months; the second time I used it (10 years later), it only worked 6 weeks.
on 05/04/2012
These are amazing. I have been using AHA and BHA products for years, but these are the best ever! You take the first pad and wipe it over your face and neck until it is dry. Then you wait two minutes (it will tingle) and then rub the second pad all over until it is dry. I do it at night because it leaves my face very smooth and shiny, which seems to bring out extra oil overnight. It exfoliates and soothes at the same time, which sounds impossible, but it's true. What's great is that I can often see the top layer of a drying pimple rub right off. Really takes care of any flakes that would interfere with makeup. It also fades old marks and keeps new whiteheads from forming. (I don't have blackheads so I cannot speak to that.) It has retinol for fine lines and sun damage, plus zinc and other vitamins. It ends up costing me $2.70 a DAY which is insane but it is so amazing that it is worth it. I can put BPO on right afterwards, too, with no irritation.
on 05/04/2012
I have used various versions of azelaic acid for 15 years and I loooove it. It stings for the first week or so, but after that, there is no discomfort. I use it morning and night with my BPO and it really keeps my skin from becoming red, which is important, because BPO on its own will make my old marks very red/purple. It also fades old marks and reduces flakiness.<br/>My insurance does not cover it so I have been ordering it from various online pharmacies in faraway places. It usually costs me $50 for a four-month supply, which is not bad. I have not found a difference between any of the foreign 20% creams. I have never used the 15% gel.